Amgen to pay $13.4 billion for one drug

Aug 26, 2019
The price tag is high for Otezla, a blockbuster medication with significant upside market potential.
India is a leader in the world's generic drug market.
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Merger of AT&T-Time Warner goes to court

Mar 19, 2018
AT&T’s proposed $84.5 billion bid to take over Time Warner goes before a federal judge beginning today . The Trump Justice Department is suing to block the mega-merger on antitrust grounds. Click the audio player above to hear the full…

AT&T and Time Warner are about to have their day in court

The government hasn't blocked this type of "vertical" merger since the 1970s.

Will 2018 be the year of less tech, not more?

In 2017, tech companies experienced a series of bad headlines. Could that mean less tech enthusiasm in 2018?
A picture taken on Nov. 20, 2017 shows logos of US online social media and social networking service Facebook. 

How the DOJ could approach the AT&T bid for Time Warner

Nov 15, 2017
Telecom giant AT&T’s $85 billion bid for Time Warner has, depending on who you ask, been held up by legitimate antitrust concerns, or by politics.  President Donald Trump has spoken out against the merger since his campaign days, and yesterday,…

The latest bumper crop in agriculture: mergers

Sep 14, 2016
Bayer AG and Monsanto are the latest agribusiness giants tying the knot.
The German company Bayer AG is buying Monsanto in a deal worth about $66 billion, including debt.


Sysco-US Foods merger stopped over anti-trust concern

Jun 24, 2015
A federal judge has halted a proposed merger between Sysco and US Foods.
A Sysco truck was on display in New York City. The FTC worries a merger with U.S. Foods would create a monopoly in the food distribution market.
Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for NYCWFF

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Why it's hard to tell good monopolies from bad

Apr 15, 2015
The European Union has brought an antitrust case against Google.

Apple gets hit for e-book price fixing

Jul 10, 2013
A federal judge ruled this morning that Apple colluded with five major U.S. publishers to fix e-book prices.

EU officials investigate Apple over sales tactics: Report

May 27, 2013
The European Commission is looking into whether Apple uses unfair tactics that hurt competition, according to the Financial Times.