African countries form new trading bloc

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement creates a $3.4 trillion economic bloc covering over a billion people.
African Union leaders meet on July 5 in Niamey, Niger. The launch of the AfCFTA was the focus of a summit held in Niamey.
Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images

Regulators in Kenya concerned about growing popularity of online gambling

May 31, 2019
Mobile phones are allowing ordinary Kenyans to try their luck on sports gambling.
A billboard advertising a popular sports betting site is seen along a highway in Nairobi, on November 8, 2017.

Kenyan communities look to cryptocurrency for improved cash flow

Feb 25, 2019
Small communities in Kenya have started embracing cryptocurrency in the hope that it will help to solve their cash flow problems.
A currency dealer counts Kenyan shillings at a money exchange bureau on September 19, 2018 in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Small communities in Kenya have started embracing cryptocurrency in the hope that it will help to solve their cash flow problems.

Congress considering measure to boost U.S. investment in international infrastructure

Sep 4, 2018
At a big investment conference in Beijing Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his country would pump another $60 billion into investment into Africa infrastructure. Sixty billion is a popular number in the foreign investment arena these days, it seems.…

Free trade gets a boost in Africa

Apr 13, 2018
Dozens of African nations signed on to a new trade deal. Some key nations still have not.
A vendor sells fruits and vegetables at the large market of Adjame, a popular district of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, on Aug. 10, 2017. 

Why Western tech companies want more control over minerals in Africa

Modern electronics rely heavily on one thing: lithium ion batteries. With carmakers gearing up to increase electric vehicle production, the demand for lithium ion batteries doesn’t appear to be slowing down. These batteries rely on an increasingly important supply of…

Why the oil industry may be the most corrupt in the world

Jul 31, 2017
Two cases of illegal payments and bribery came to light recently. One is against the oil services company Halliburton in Angola. The other involves a mining subsidiary of Glencore doing business in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With government heavily…

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Uganda needs help to serve a growing influx of South Sudan refugees

Apr 4, 2017
More than 2,500 people flee war-torn South Sudan every day. By the end of this year, 400,000 are expected arrive in Uganda, its neighbor to the south. Uganda is exceptionally open to these refugees, but it needs financial and logistical…

In Africa, locally produced comic books are starting to catch on

Feb 20, 2017
Many artists self-publish runs of 200 to 500 copies of their work.
Emmanuel Nyakwada, an artist who goes by the name Point Blank Evumbi, works on a sketch using a digital drawing tablet.
Greg Presto

Why emerging markets in Africa matter to the U.S.

Dec 29, 2016
Economic development in Africa is important to U.S. security, says one expert.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images