Walmart wants Vizio, but not for the TVs
Feb 14, 2024

Walmart wants Vizio, but not for the TVs

Plus, split surveys on small business optimism, a map of all the country's zoning laws, and the falling number of small farmers. 

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How are small businesses feeling? It depends on whom you ask.

Feb 14, 2024
One survey showed small-business owners in a downbeat mood for the 25th straight month. Another had satisfaction at 85%.
Inflation and supply chain problems are abating for some small businesses, says Brett Sussman of American Express, but the smaller of those companies are still struggling, says Alex Shvarts of FundKite.
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Walmart's bid for Vizio would make it a different kind of company

Feb 14, 2024
Walmart's acquisition of the smart TV maker would give it significant access to streaming data from ads — the kind that tracks what people buy
These days, a TV’s worth is tied to its streaming platform, says Jennifer Kent with Parks Associates.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The mapping tool that's trying to make zoning laws accessible to all

Feb 14, 2024
Zoning laws are notoriously arcane, but a new tool from the National Zoning Atlas is turning them into something like a Google map for land use laws. "We want people to understand what zoning says and what it does," said Sara Bronin, the National Zoning Atlas Director.
Construction on a mixed-use apartment building in Los Angeles, CA.
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The trend of small farmers selling to big ag companies continues

Feb 14, 2024
And, diversity is still a challenge in the agricultural industry. According to the census, 95 percent of American farmers are white and on average, are just over 58 years old.
Federal crop insurance, subsidies and lending practices favor large operations, says Phil Howard, a professor of food and agriculture at Michigan State University.
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Many jobs still have demographically skewed workforces, new data shows

Feb 14, 2024
The WSJ’s Lauren Weber talks about "how we sort ourselves into different occupations and how in some ways we are sorted."
About 97% of preschool teachers are women, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report on the U.S. workforce.
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This Indigenous artist made her beadwork into a thriving business

Feb 14, 2024
Thanks to the success of her beadwork business, owner Mikailah Thompson was able to start a creative agency for Native artists.
Mikailah Thompson learned to bead from her grandmother when she lived on the Nimiipuu reservation in North-Central Idaho.
Courtesy Mikailah Thompson

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