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Jordan Mangi

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Can Mastodon replace Twitter or is it a different beast?

Nov 18, 2022
Looking for a Twitter alternative, over a million people have recently signed up for Mastodon, a non-profit open source social media service.
Mastodon gets its name from a prehistoric mammoth-like animal.
Courtesy Mastodon

Regional theaters struggle to recover from COVID closures

Oct 31, 2022
Audiences have not returned to pre-pandemic numbers, while inflation and supply chains have raised the price of productions. 
An empty theater at La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, California.
Courtesy La Jolla Playhouse

Biden’s student loan debt relief plan, explained

Oct 13, 2022
We help you figure out whether you’re eligible and answer questions about the plan.
Student loan borrowers at a rally outside the White House in August after the president  announced his plan to forgive some student debt.
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for We the 45m

You’re not imagining it, furnishing a dorm room really does cost more this year

Aug 30, 2022
With prices up for everything from airfare to gas to basic necessities, moving to college is more expensive than ever.
According to the National Retail Federation, total back-to-college spending is expected to reach $74 billion this year, reaching a record high.
Mark Makela/Getty Images

With rising home prices and stagnating wages, a new savings goal: Beyoncé tickets

Aug 4, 2022
Concert tickets might not break your soul like, say, buying a home in this market could.
The last time Beyoncé went on tour was 2016.  Floor tickets in some cities went for over four figures on the resale market.
Frank Micelotta/Parkwood Entertainment via Getty Images