The clean energy boom can’t come fast enough
Jun 10, 2024

The clean energy boom can’t come fast enough

Summers are getting hotter and new clean energy generators can help prevent outages. Plus, Apple launches AI — finally.

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Is Apple late to embrace AI or right on time?

Jun 10, 2024
Apple announced new AI integrations for text, email, photos and Siri. It’s also adding ChatGPT capabilities into operating systems.
Apple announced new AI integrations for text, email, photos and Siri on Monday at its annual developers conference.
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"Mom, Dad, will you cosign my mortgage, please?"

Jun 10, 2024
Young adults increasingly need help from a parent, or other older adult, to buy their first home. The tough market is removing some of the stigma.
Many parents are helping their kids buy a home, which makes "it that much harder for other people to break into the housing market when they don't have that help," said Abha Bhattarai at The Washington Post.
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Activist investor says Southwest Airlines is underperforming

Jun 10, 2024
The airline's had a bumpy ride since multitudes of passengers were stranded by bad weather and an aged computer system.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

After last year's Pride backlash, many brands back away from trans-inclusive campaigns

Jun 10, 2024
After a period in which companies tried to stand out with progressive messages, experts see brands proceeding with caution this year.
Pride Month items on display at a Target store in 2023. Following the backlash, Target's 2024 collection will not feature items for children.
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Some electric grids may feel the heat this summer

Jun 10, 2024
As ACs across the country kick on during heat waves, electricity demand will spike and some energy grids may fall short of supply.
High voltage power lines run along an electrical power grid in southern Florida. If temperatures peak above normal this summer, some regions of the U.S. may suffer electric shortfalls.
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The clean energy boom is a rural jobs bonanza

Jun 10, 2024
Clean energy is exploding in the U.S., bringing high-paying jobs to the rural areas that often produce it.
Student Benjamin Sussman practices safe climbing on a 20-foot ladder in Sterling, Colorado. When he's a technician, he'll need to climb 300 feet or more to maintain turbines.
Rae Solomon

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