How much is your paycheck really worth?
Oct 9, 2023

How much is your paycheck really worth?

Today, a look at real wages and spending power. Plus, why some businesses are closing after surviving the hardest part of the pandemic.

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September's real wages are expected to rise

Oct 9, 2023
And that would mean your paycheck's purchasing power would be getting a boost relative to inflation.
Rising real wages means consumers are "making up for the consumption power that they lost when prices were rising faster than wages," says Erica Groshen, former Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nobel winner advances understanding of women and the labor market

Oct 9, 2023
Harvard economist Claudia Goldin has illuminated issues such as the gender gap in pay, child and elder care, and the shortfall in women economists.
Some of Claudia Goldin’s more recent research found that the pandemic has had a greater impact on women than men when it comes to employment and labor participation.
Lauren Owens Lambert/AFP via Getty Images)

These businesses made it through the hardest part of the pandemic. Then they closed.

Oct 9, 2023
The pandemic is still having a domino effect on small businesses. Here's what happened to three of them.
Because data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics lags, its unclear how many businesses have shuttered in the last few years.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The clean energy revolution needs green workers, fast

Oct 9, 2023
If there aren’t people ready to build, install, and maintain the solar panels and electric cars that money is paying for, billions in federal funding dollars could go to waste.
A Qcells employee takes part in hands-on training with Georgia Quick Start. To make the transition to green energy, new workers will need to be trained for specialized manufacturing jobs.
Courtesy Georgia Quick Start.

How an urban hiker in Kansas City turned her side hustle full-time

Oct 9, 2023
"After having my urban hikes for about a year, I realized that if I wanted my business to grow, that I would need to focus full time on it, and that was a scary leap," said Lisa Peña, owner of Urban Hikes Kansas City.
Urban Hikes Kansas City owner Lisa Peña shows off a mural by artist Fem_nine on a hike.
Courtesy Lisa Peña, mural by artist Fem_nine

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