Getting back to the pre-pandemic economy
Feb 2, 2021

Getting back to the pre-pandemic economy

On today's show: The economy will probably look different when it recovers. Plus, a California goat ranch hit hard by the pandemic and wildfire. 

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What it means to return to a "pre-pandemic" economy

Feb 2, 2021
Even if the numbers return to where they once were, the economy is probably going to look very different.
The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has been worse for women and people of color, particularly in the service sector.
Sarah Silbiger/Getty Image

Businesses aren't flocking to this round of PPP loans

Feb 2, 2021
Three-quarters of the money Washington set aside hasn't been touched. Some point to new restrictions on which businesses qualify.
Despite the need for relief, businesses are finding it difficult to meet the eligibility requirements.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Manufacturing: The China Inc. model

Feb 2, 2021
Why is it sometimes cheaper for U.S. consumers to buy goods from China than from local vendors?
A worker in a southern China shoe factory. Many Chinese manufacturers say they are making goods Americans no longer want to produce.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

You heard that song on TikTok first, or was it Roblox?

Feb 2, 2021
Warner Music's quarterly report shows that social media and gaming platforms are increasingly important to the industry.
When it comes to music during the pandemic, apps like TikTok are front and center.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

How a California goat ranch is recovering from the pandemic and wildfire

Feb 2, 2021
The pandemic wiped away Angeles Crest Creamery's ecotourism revenue. Then the Bobcat Fire hit, wiping out the free food source for its goats.
Gloria Putnam, owner of Angeles Crest Creamery, with a baby goat.
Photo courtesy Gloria Putnam

Liberal arts colleges look to career and tech education to bolster enrollment

Feb 2, 2021
With the number of high school graduates expected to shrink in New England and a shortage of people in tech, colleges see an opportunity.
Claudia Cabrera, who is taking advanced manufacturing courses at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts, says someday she wants to help make robots.
Meredith Nierman

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