Accommodations for long COVID
May 22, 2024

Accommodations for long COVID

Long COVID can take people out of the workforce. Accommodations for the condition could work just like other disability needs.

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Nvidia dominates in AI, but others are trying to chip away

May 22, 2024
The chipmaker's early focus on graphics processing technology created an advantage that is paying off hugely this year.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Dwindling savings and changing consumer tastes have hit Target hard

May 22, 2024
Meanwhile, its competitors are doing pretty well, including Walmart, where groceries account for 60% of sales.
Most of that extra cushion in people’s savings accounts from the pandemic is now gone, says Columbia professor Brett House.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Like the Fed, corporations also eagerly await economic data

May 22, 2024
This year, bigger-than-expected inflation reports are playing a role in determining when companies decide to borrow money by issuing bonds.
"A company is not going to come to market with a new bond deal unless they feel reasonably confident that that bond deal is going to go pretty well," says Winnie Cisar with CreditSights. Above, traders on the New York Stock Exchange floor.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

This pilot-in-training hopes his new career will come with added financial stability for him and his family.

When we spoke last winter, Adam Kephart of Poulsbo, Washington, was working towards his commercial pilots’ license. He comes to us now with a career update.

Buy Now, Pay Later platforms will soon be more regulated

May 22, 2024
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced new rules today requiring companies like Afterpay and Klarna to investigate when customers dispute a charge, and issue refunds for returned products. They'll also have to provide periodic billing statements.
Rohit Chopra, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, speaks at a Senate hearing. The CFPB recently announced new rules for Buy Now, Pay Later firms that signal the CFPB will move toward treating them like credit card providers.
Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images

Employers can offer a new benefit: Matching student loan payments with 401(k) contributions

May 22, 2024
A study finds participants are likely to be better off than without the benefit.
Student debt prevents workers from paying into their 401(k) plans, which means giving up company matching contributions, said Abbott's Diego Martinez.
DNY59/Getty Images

Long COVID can make work challenging. Accommodations can make a difference.

May 22, 2024
In more than half of cases, workplace accommodations don’t cost an employer anything, according to one survey.
For many, long COVID is severe enough that it affects their ability to work. One study estimates about 700,000 people are likely missing from the labor force because of it.
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