A higher-than-expected CPI 
Mar 12, 2024

A higher-than-expected CPI 

Prices rose slightly more than forecast in February, but prices in some sectors are down.

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Consumers might wish for prices to drop, but here's why deflation is not a good thing

Mar 12, 2024
Most of the time deflation is a signal of a struggling economy. Disinflation — when prices still increase, just more slowly — is the goal.
Once prices go up, it’s unusual for them to drop.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why prices are dropping at furniture retailers like Ikea

Mar 12, 2024
Furniture prices fell 3.7% over the last year, according to the latest Consumer Price Index report.
Demand for furniture spiked at the beginning of the pandemic, but now manufacturing and shipping costs have eased, making price cuts to furniture possible.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

This regional banker cheered by sector's resilience, disturbed by potential regulation

Mar 12, 2024
Laurie Stewart of Sound Community Bank is confident a year after three banks failed, but credit risk and cyber threats are on her radar.
The failure of Silicon Valley Bank didn't foreshadow widespread disruptions in the industry, as many feared.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Owners of a Vermont trolley tour company are committed to the city that "accepted us"

Mar 12, 2024
"We want to add something good to Burlington, Vermont," says co-owner Hannington Kasagga.
"When we went to the manufacturer's warehouse and we saw our trolley, I think that was the happiest moment in my entire life," says Burlington Trolley Tours co-owner Hannington Kasagga.
Courtesy Hannington Kasagga.

Apparel prices haven't budged in past year

Mar 12, 2024
Leaner inventories and lower demand are both likely factors.
The store June Ruby in Aurora, Colorado, sells women's clothing and accessories. Thrifty consumers and effective inventory management have contributed to stable prices in the apparel industry.
Courtesy Michelle Rotter

As opioid crisis rages, Oregon must decide how to spend its settlement dollars

Mar 12, 2024
States are allocating hundreds of millions. Officials weigh spreading it among treatment, recovery, prevention and harm reduction.
Fernando Peña shows NW Instituto Latino's supplies funded by opioid settlement money, including Narcan, which treats overdoses, as well as safer-use, safer-sex and wound care items.
Mitchell Hartman/Marketplace

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