LA’s pledge to move money out of policing
Jun 4, 2020

LA’s pledge to move money out of policing

Rehiring has been happening, but slowly. Another 1.9 million people filed jobless claims last week. LA will move money out of policing. Congress' new rules for PPP loans. A look at how housing came to be precarious for many.

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LA pledges to move money out of policing and into other social programs

The proposed cuts amount to at most 8% of the LAPD's $1.86 billion budget.
Los Angeles is the first big city to propose cutting police budgets after protests.
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Congress passes legislation to extend PPP loan deadlines

Jun 4, 2020
One change: Businesses will have more time to spend their loans and still qualify for forgiveness.
The legislation defers payroll taxes for businesses getting the loans, and it gives them more time to repay any part of a loan that isn’t forgiven.
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