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A Warhol painting could fetch $200 million. What's so special about it?

Warhol's Marilyn Monroe silkscreen is valuable, yes, but not very innovative, says art critic Blake Gopnik.
According to critic Blake Gopnik, it's not the price tag that's interesting, it's the "retread."
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Closing costs: Is there a solution to the shortage of homes?

The rapid rise in home prices has provided a windfall for homeowners, but rising interest rates make home-buying increasingly out of reach for renters.
"We absolutely need to be looking under every stone for places that we can add housing ... to allow for greater density," said  Chris Herbert, managing director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.
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Could Netflix queue up a hint on how inflation can alter our behavior?

We spoke to Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets, for some insight.
The latest numbers from Netflix could offer some insight into how behaviors are changing because of inflation.
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Germany enacts emergency natural gas plan after Russia demands payment in rubles

Stephen Richter of The Globalist says Germany is "paying dearly" for its dependence on cheap Russian energy.
Forty percent of Germany's natural gas comes from Russia. Above, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
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Does Russia's invasion of Ukraine mark a turning point for U.S. businesses?

"The days of posturing and pretending are over," says Harvard's Ranjay Gulati.
"The days of posturing and pretending are over," said Harvard's Ranjay Gulati.
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What does OPEC have to say about the Russian oil situation? Not much.

Part of it comes down to the oil world's "delicate equilibrium."
OPEC is in "a very nice place of having super high oil prices and also being partially aligned with with Russia, and they don't want to destabilize either," said Fernando Valle, senior energy analyst at Bloomberg.
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Labor Department outlines unlawful imbalance in coverage between mental, physical care services

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said the department will ramp up legal enforcement: “We need to make sure people are covered.”
Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said the department will ramp up legal enforcement: “We need to make sure people are covered.”
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Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline complicates Russia-Ukraine tensions

As Russian troops accumulate at the Ukrainian border, some fear the country could withhold natural gas to Europe in the event of military conflict.
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was recently constructed along the Baltic Sea to carry natural gas from Russia to Europe, circumventing Ukraine.
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How do Americans feel about the economy? Not very hopeful, poll finds.

Rising prices for staples like food and gas was a key worry for respondents, along with concerns about COVID and political power.
Rising prices for things like food and gas were key worries mentioned by poll respondents.

Flight attendant union chief on what the pandemic means for the larger labor movement

Flight attendants have become frontline workers themselves, facing many obstacles at the nexus of the pandemic and travel.
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA International President Sara Nelson testifies before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committe in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill on Dec. 15, 2021 in Washington, DC. The air transportation executives testified about the current state of the U.S. airline industry during the oversight hearing.
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