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Stephen Ryan

Senior Producer, BBC World Service/Marketplace (in London)

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Electronic waste from your old laptop could make cash for “urban miners”

May 30, 2022
Valuable raw materials can be extracted from your used devices and gadgets for recycling, reducing the amount of electronic waste.
Circuit boards and other electronic waste is collected at the Umicore plant in Antwerp, Belgium. Much of the material has value through recycling for new devices and products.
Ivana Davidovic/BBC News

President of Lithuania wants more Russian sanctions amid fears Baltics could be Putin's next target

Mar 17, 2022
Lithuania's president, Gitanas Nauseda, talks about the risk his country could be Russia's next target, and why he wants to see more sanctions applied.
Gitanas Nauseda, president of Lithuania, told the BBC's Victoria Craig it's “very likely” his country could be a target.
Justin Tallis/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Economics and history collide as UNESCO revokes Liverpool's World Heritage status

Aug 23, 2021
Fewer than two decades after it was awarded, UNESCO revoked Liverpool's World Heritage designation. Now, city officials and economists look to find ways to preserve history while striving for economic prosperity.
UNESCO revoked its World Heritage designation for six sites on Liverpool's waterfront. Now, city officials look to the future as they try to balance protecting the past with fostering economic prosperity.
Victoria Craig

How Biden's roots and Riverdance play a role in Irish diplomacy

Jan 21, 2021
Around 35 million Americans say they have Irish heritage. It's a valuable social and business network.
People in Joe Biden's ancestral home of Ballina are proud of his success.
Paul Faith/AFP via Getty Images

Job loss for women is a major issue in New Zealand's "COVID election"

Oct 16, 2020
Women make up more than 90% of people who have lost their jobs during COVID-19 restrictions in New Zealand.
Women make up the large majority of people who lost their jobs due to coronavirus restrictions in New Zealand. Pictured: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the campaign trail.
Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Long lines at London stores mark reopenings after COVID-19 lockdown

Jun 15, 2020
Nonessential businesses across England are opening their doors to shoppers for the first time since March.
With nonessential stores reopening in England on Monday, people will have to get used to shopping in the age of the coronavirus.
Matthew Chattle/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Community policing: a more holistic approach to law enforcement

The idea is to create more formal partnerships between community members and officers to foster greater trust.
A social worker and member of the Prevention and Protection service help a homeless man in Paris in 2014.
Thomas Samson/AFP via Getty Images

"Gigs do not exist" — Irish musicians take festivals online

Mar 26, 2020
To continue performing, a group of Irish musicians have taken to Facebook Live and other online platforms.
Musician Emma Langford performed in the first Live at Home festival.
Screenshot via Facebook