All eyes are on the next COVID-19 relief package
Jul 20, 2020

All eyes are on the next COVID-19 relief package

Congress begins to hammer out the next round of COVID-19 aid. Meanwhile, some people still have not gotten their first COVID-19 relief checks. The "Strike for Black Lives" today. And, what will we see in airlines' second-quarter results this week?

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What are economists looking for in the next COVID-19 relief package?

The biggest focus is the extension of unemployment benefits. Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives, has more.

Some people still have not received the first COVID-19 relief check. Here's why.

A new study by the Brookings Institution found racial disparities in whose checks were delayed.
One way to make sure more people get their payments if their is a second round is to consider prepaid debit cards instead of Treasury checks.
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Thousands of workers are walking off the job to "Strike for Black Lives"

Jul 20, 2020
Among the demands are better treatment of employees of color, a $15 minimum wage and more personal protective equipment.
Organizers say the pandemic has worsened socioeconomic inequalities, and they want corporations and politicians to do more to address the problem.
Logan Cyrus/AFP via Getty Images

Airlines brace themselves ahead of reporting earnings this week

Jul 20, 2020
The last quarter wasn't a good one for carriers.
Consumer surveys find most Americans are wary of getting on a plane right now.
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