Businesses are spending for the future
Apr 26, 2021

Businesses are spending for the future

Durable goods orders for March were up, and a new survey from the National Association for Business Economics found that 32% of respondents say their businesses are spending more on equipment, technology and other capital expenditures. Plus, more market reaction to plans for higher taxes on the wealthy. And, France has passed a law to protect the sounds and smells of the countryside as part of its heritage.

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Survey finds an uptick in business spending on equipment

Apr 26, 2021
The increase in capital expenditures is one of several signs that businesses anticipate strong growth in the near future.
Capital expenditures include equipment and technology like computers and point-of-sale systems in restaurants.
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The market is taking prospects of higher taxes for the wealthy in stride

That’s according to Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives. Coronado said that expectations for very strong GDP growth in the first quarter are probably helping to offset “the pain” of potential increases on taxes for the wealthy. Meanwhile, Coronado said, the Federal Reserve is likely to stick to its “very patient message” that it will not even think about changing policy until there’s enough data to prove the economy is in a stable, self-sustaining place.

Eau de livestock, anyone?

Apr 26, 2021
France has passed a law to protect the sounds and smells of the countryside as a way to preserve French heritage.
A new law protects France's "sensorial heritage" — its smells and sounds, including those that have provoked lawsuits by annoyed rural residents.
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