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Nancy Farghalli

Executive Producer


Nancy is the executive producer of “Marketplace,” a daily radio program hosted by Kai Ryssdal that reaches more than 12.5 million people weekly. She oversees all daily production and content of “Marketplace,” guiding the show’s series, specials and regular programming.

Prior to this role, Nancy held several positions at Marketplace, serving as lead pilot producer for podcasts and senior editor of the Wealth & Poverty Desk. In this position, she worked with a reporting team to cover social mobility, wealth disparity and the economics of mobility. She created and produced the award-winning podcast “The Uncertain Hour.” She has led production of live events, such as Marketplace’s 2012 election tour and the 25th anniversary roadshow tour. She also collaborated with the BBC, Slate, The New York Times and ProPublica on investigative and immersive series focused on health care economics, immigration and wage politics.

Nancy is on the board of SABEW, the Association for Business Journalists. She played a critical role in special coverage streams — including the last three presidential elections, the Great Recession and news about the Middle East and the Arab Spring.

Nancy worked on the Emmy Award-winning series “Big Sky, Big Money,” a PBS “Frontline” documentary about money in politics, produced in partnership with Marketplace.

Latest Stories (46)

Baseball runs for a fan base in Japan

Sep 14, 2007
The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are two of Major League Baseball's biggest money-making machines. And now their rivalry is headed overseas. Nancy Farghalli reports.
Julio Lugo of the Boston Red Sox throws to first base after forcing out Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.
Jim McIsaac, Getty Images

Helping out the home team

Jul 10, 2007
Most pro baseball players are minor leaguers you've probably never heard of and who don't get paid much. Many have to look for ways to stretch their paychecks -- with a little help from friends. Nancy Farghalli reports.
Sandy Wakefield with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes players she's hosting. From left, Anthony Ortega, Larry Infante and Francisco Rodriguez.
Nancy Farghalli

Baseball's newest position: translator

Jul 9, 2007
Major League Baseball's rosters are increasingly being filled by foreign-born players, and that trend has translated into a new job opportunity for people fluent in certain languages, including baseball, Nancy Farghalli reports.
Seattle Mariners pitcher Kazuhiro Sasaki talks with pitching coach Bryan Price  through interpreter Allen Turner during 2002 spring training workouts.
Roy Dabner/AFP/Getty Images

Only German-speaking spouses allowed

Jul 5, 2007
Germany's parliament has approved a new immigration law requiring non-European Union spouses to speak German before they can join their husbands or wives in the country. Nancy Farghalli reports.
High school students of Turkish descent attend a ceremony honoring them for achieving high school degrees and participating in a program aimed at promoting the integration of children of non-German parents into German society through education.
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

Where the concrete sidewalk ends

Apr 23, 2007
Concrete sidewalks have a bad habit of cracking and they're expensive to replace. So some cities are starting to replace them with a better, more sustainable alternative: recycled rubber.
Getty Images

All the glamour you can rent

Feb 26, 2007
Did Helen Mirren's handbag catch your fancy? Some of the styles seen on the red carpet on Sunday will be headed to a store near you. Not to buy, but to rent. Nancy Farghalli reports.
Actress Helen Mirren at the Academy Awards, Feb. 25, 2007
Stephen Shugerman, Getty Images

Iran moves into the information slow lane

Nov 9, 2006
Recently the Iranian government restricted use of high-speed Internet for residents there, and it's having a far-reaching effect. Nancy Farghalli explains.
Two Iranian women work at an Internet cafe in Tehran in 2004.
Henghameh Fahimi, AFP/Getty Images

Courting the Arab American vote

Oct 16, 2006
Michigan's 400,000-strong Arab community has been pushing to register new voters as the gubernatorial election nears, but they're missing one crucial political element: donations. Nancy Farghalli reports.
'Arab American Democrat' buttons
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Gateway to the Middle East?

Sep 28, 2006
Dearborn, Mich., is home to some 30,000 Arab Americans. Many of them run their own businesses and that has transformed areas of the Detroit suburb once considered lifeless. Nancy Farghalli has the story.

Reinvesting in Lebanon

Sep 26, 2006
Many Lebanese Americans are facing the dilemma over whether to send money to help rebuild their ancestral homeland — again. Nancy Farghalli reports.
Members of the Dib family walk with salvaged items from their destroyed home in the southern suburbs in Beirut August 14, 2006.
Spencer Platt (c) Getty Images