Sell stock to pay down debt

Apr 8, 2010
Question: My husband & I are both in our mid-50s. We have some money invested in the stock market, about $300,000. A few years ago we...
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Points on the Dow

Mar 25, 2010
Question: I dabble a bit in the stock market with the money that have left over. That said I have a question in regards to how the ups and downs...
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A China bull

Nov 24, 2009
Question: I would like to consider putting a small portion of my retirement (and/or other) investment money in Chinese stocks. Is this a reasonable...
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Gift stock to Mom

Nov 19, 2009
Question: What are the tax implications of giving a gift of appreciated stock to parents? I have some stock which has appreciated over the last...
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Reward companies not Wall Street

Nov 16, 2009
Question: I will retire this year at age 65. My husband and I are both conservative financially. We own outright our farm and two rental properties...
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Stock options

Oct 29, 2009
Question: My husband is a mid level executive and he receives stock options yearly as part of his compensation. Since the stock prices have been...
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A stock market winner

Sep 24, 2009
Question: My wife and I are in our mid 30s and we decided to take a gamble back in Jan 09 when everyone said the world was coming to an end. We...
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Stocks for the long haul

Sep 16, 2009
Question: First of all, I really like your steady and reliable counsel. You have a great style too. Here's my question: I believe someone released...
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Buying a few shares

Aug 3, 2009
Question: I am 20 years old and am working and going to school part time. My question is, I want to invest a little money, somewhere between 100...
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Investing with the Wizard of Omaha

Jul 22, 2009
Question: I'd like to buy Warrren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway shares. I understand that there 2 kinds brk-a and brk-b. The b-share costs about 1/30...
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