A China bull

Nov 24, 2009
Question: I would like to consider putting a small portion of my retirement (and/or other) investment money in Chinese stocks. Is this a reasonable...
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Gift stock to Mom

Nov 19, 2009
Question: What are the tax implications of giving a gift of appreciated stock to parents? I have some stock which has appreciated over the last...
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Reward companies not Wall Street

Nov 16, 2009
Question: I will retire this year at age 65. My husband and I are both conservative financially. We own outright our farm and two rental properties...
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Stock options

Oct 29, 2009
Question: My husband is a mid level executive and he receives stock options yearly as part of his compensation. Since the stock prices have been...
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A stock market winner

Sep 24, 2009
Question: My wife and I are in our mid 30s and we decided to take a gamble back in Jan 09 when everyone said the world was coming to an end. We...
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Stocks for the long haul

Sep 16, 2009
Question: First of all, I really like your steady and reliable counsel. You have a great style too. Here's my question: I believe someone released...
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Buying a few shares

Aug 3, 2009
Question: I am 20 years old and am working and going to school part time. My question is, I want to invest a little money, somewhere between 100...
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Investing with the Wizard of Omaha

Jul 22, 2009
Question: I'd like to buy Warrren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway shares. I understand that there 2 kinds brk-a and brk-b. The b-share costs about 1/30...
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Long term stock market returns

Apr 14, 2009
Question: I have just read several books on investing in mutual funds for retirement. I am 35 and would be investing about $300 a month. I want to...
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Is the Dow irrelevant?

Mar 10, 2009
Wall Street's having its best rally of the year today, and reports like this attribute it to Citigroup. The bank claims it was profitable the...
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