Major airlines under investigation for collusion

Jul 2, 2015
The DOJ is looking into whether airlines have worked together to keep prices high.
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AirTran Folds its wings

Dec 31, 2014
After four years, Southwest Airlines officially acquires AirTran.
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Southwest tries to get back on schedule

Oct 23, 2014
An attempt to squeeze out extra profits created turbulence.
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Construction is back in Southwest, but where are the workers?

May 14, 2013
Housing seems to be in recovery mode in places like Phoenix, Arizona. But it may be tough for homebuilders to lure back construction workers.
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Where did the year's first airfare hike go?

Jan 9, 2013
The airlines try, but they can't always make fare increases stick.
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Southwest Airlines raises fees

Dec 17, 2012
The one-time discount airline is rethinking its 'bags fly free' policy because of rising costs. So far, only the third bag will cost you.
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The fight over international flights from Houston

May 22, 2012
United Airlines hopes to reroute plans by Southwest, and stop a new international terminal from being built at Hobby Airport.
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Southwest CEO on earnings, rising ticket prices

Jan 19, 2012
Southwest CEO Gary Kelly discusses his airline's earnings and whether its business model has changed.
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