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Jamie Dimon apologizes, explains loss before Congress

Jun 13, 2012
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon apologized for not doing a better job supervising trades that lost his bank billions. Dimon emphasized that while bank shareholders lost money, their clients and taxpayers did not.
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Jamie Dimon's testimony was a wake for Dodd-Frank

Jun 13, 2012
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon spoke before the Senate Banking Committee today, trying to explain the $2 billion loss his company made in trading. The committee went fairly easy on the banker.
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JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon to testify before Senate

Jun 12, 2012
The CEO of JPMorgan Chase will have to explain the $2 billion loss from a few weeks ago.
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Why disclosure wasn't enough to stop JPMorgan losses

May 22, 2012
After the financial crisis of 2008, regulators focused on the idea of disclosure to prevent further problems in the financial industry. But what happens when the bank itself doesn't know how bad things are?
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JPMorgan losses now estimated at $3 billion

May 17, 2012
Problems continue to swell for the banking giant, whose reported $2 billion loss could actually now be something more like $3 billion.
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What Did JP Morgan Get Itself Into?

May 17, 2012
As more details emerge about JP Morgan's money-losing "London Whale" trade, the goalposts are moving fast and it's harder than ever to explain what's going on.
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FBI investigating JPMorgan for criminal behavior

May 16, 2012
The FBI is investigating possible criminal behavior at JPMorgan Chase after that $2 billion trading loss disclosed by the bank the other day.
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JPMorgan CEO faces shareholders at annual meeting

May 15, 2012
Jamie Dimon is facing shareholders at the bank's annual meeting in Tampa. It's a good bet there will be some tough questions about the $2 billion the bank lost on some big bets that turned bad.
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JPMorgan shareholder meeting today in Tampa

May 15, 2012
In Tampa, Fla. today, there's a JPMorgan Chase shareholder meeting going on. Not a great time for CEO Jamie Dimon to face shareholders, given the $2 billion trading loss he announced last week.
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JPMorgan loss could lead to more support for Volcker Rule

May 14, 2012
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon responded to questions about bank regulation on this weekend's "Meet the Press."
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