German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble arrives for a weekly cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

German finance minister offers Greece for Puerto Rico

Jul 9, 2015
Both countries are struggling with billion-dollar debts.
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Commuters use the Athens Metro which has been declared free to use during the current Greek crisis.

People of Athens remain calm during debt crisis

Jul 8, 2015
The government gives cash-strapped citizens a free ride on subways.
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Greek prime minister strikes a foreboding tone

Jul 8, 2015
In a speech before the European Parliament, Alexis Tsipras spoke of previous failures.
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Greece crowdfunding campaign fails to reach goal

Jul 7, 2015
The campaign didn't quite hit its €1.6 billion target.
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After this crisis, what does Greece have to build on?

Jul 7, 2015
Greece was a strong emerging market before its debt crisis. What's it have left?
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Greeks are locked out of online payments

Jul 7, 2015
Some people don’t have access to some online payment systems like Paypal.
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The currency Greece will use from here on out is uncertain.

Greece: currency in unchartered waters

Jul 6, 2015
What steps would be needed to bring back the drachma or use a new legal tender?
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel walks down the steps following a meeting with French President François Hollande at the Elysee Palace on Monday in Paris. Hollande and Merkel said the door was open for a return to debt negotiations with Greece, but called

Germany's reactions to Greek referendum

Jul 6, 2015
Those in Frankfurt express sympathy for Greek people, but 'enough is enough.'
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Greek Finance Minister resigns amid fallout from vote

Jul 6, 2015
Yanis Varoufakis, known for a combative negotiation style, leaves his position.
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Greece heads to crucial referendum

Jul 3, 2015
Greeks' vote Sunday may determine whether they stay in the eurozone.
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