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McCain must focus on the payroll tax

| Sep 2, 2008
Commentator Reihan Salam says some Republicans have lost touch with the economic anxiety of average Americans. He offers a suggestion for self-improvement.
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'90210' is next to woo young viewers

Janet Babin | Sep 2, 2008
The remake of the popular 1990's show "Beverly Hills 90210" debuts tonight. It's the latest try at getting young viewers to spend a little less time in front of You Tube and a little more time in front of that other tube. Janet Babin reports.
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Rodgers & Hammerstein up for auction?

Amy Scott | Sep 2, 2008
The iconic songs of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein may soon be on the auction block. Their catalog could fetch a couple of hundred million dollars. Amy Scott reports.
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NOLA businesses weather evacuation

Dan Grech | Sep 2, 2008
Even though Hurricane Gustav wasn't as severe as expected, it still left billions in property damage behind it. But a bigger cost to business might turn out to be living with frequent mass evacuations. Dan Grech reports.
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Capital Gains

Chris Farrell | Sep 2, 2008
Question: Hello! I'm 39 years old and was gifted a large amount of shares of Weyerhaeuser stock when my dad died 38 years ago. I recently got...
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RNC: View from the bike lane (Part I)

Janne K. Flisrand | Sep 2, 2008
Yesterday, I devoted my day to checking out what the RNC means for the Twin Cities. As an admitted urban cycling fan, I wanted to look out over...
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Google unveils new browser

Richard Core | Sep 2, 2008
Google's debut of its open-source Chrome browser today is a hot topic on the Web....
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California lawmakers push for carbon-reduction planning

Richard Core | Sep 2, 2008
When you live in Los Angeles like we do, you quickly learn that the reason public transportation isn't a viable option for much of the population...

Oil prices down as Gustav leaves Gulf

Steve Henn | Sep 2, 2008
Although assessments of the derricks and refineries in the Gulf are only just beginnng, the expectation is that Hurricane Gustav left minimal damage. Oil futures dropped on the assumption. Steve Henn reports.
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Machinists voting on Boeing contract

| Sep 2, 2008
If the International Association of Machinists members reject the new contract, the union could strike. That could cost the company $100 million a day and delay delivery of work for the government. Danielle Karson reports.
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