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Tata Nano versus the SUV

Heidi Siegelbaum | Jan 21, 2008
I think the Tata Nano is brilliant. Imagine... it gets 50 mpg, is designed for diesel and possibly electric, is cost effective and is sold in kits...
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South Africa pulls the plug

Gretchen Wilson | Jan 21, 2008
South Africa's been in the grip of a serious power shortage lately, thanks to local demand exceeding supply. Gretchen Wilson reports the country is cutting supply for some other countries sucking power to keep up.

A cab ride turned sales pitch

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jan 21, 2008
Cab drivers in London are getting paid to pitch various products to their passengers during the ride. Marketplace's Stephen Beard explains to Scott Jagow how the idea of sales are mentioned in conversation -- and why it works.
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Saving MLK for U.S. artists

| Jan 21, 2008
Barre, Vermont calls itself the granite center of the world, so a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial made in China doesn't exactly thrill the town. John Dillon has the story on a movement trying to deter the coming of a sculpture.

The world catches Wall Street's cold

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jan 21, 2008
With a global economy, why is the U.S. market still so important? Marketplace's Stephen Beard talks with Scott Jagow about the negative impact President Bush's economic stimulus announcement is having on world markets.
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Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

Chris Farrell | Jan 21, 2008
An important day for remembrance. I'll be back answering questions tomorrow.

U.S. heels duty-free Honduran socks

Dan Grech | Jan 21, 2008
Honduras exports enough socks to the U.S. for President Bush to want to impose a large tax on the products. Dan Grech reports the decision to impose duties on Honduran socks will be a lifeline to U.S. sock makers.

Behind Bank of America's tax break

| Jan 21, 2008
Bank of America's purchase of Countrywide will save the bank half a billion dollars in taxes over the first five years. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan sorts through the numbers in the deal with Scott Jagow.

Couple keep heady hopes for Dixie Beer

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 18, 2008
Until Hurricane Katrina ripped through its brewery, Dixie Beer was a New Orleans mainstay. It's being brewed it Wisconsin for the time being. Kai Ryssdal talks with owner Kendra Bruno about how she and her husband, Joe, are bringing their beer back to market.

Fidel's brother seen as economic hope

Dan Grech | Jan 18, 2008
Cuban elections this weekend are expected to officially position Raul Castro, Fidel's brother, as the next president. Raul is seen as more pragmatic than his older brother, sparking hope that economic change may be on the horizon. Dan Grech reports.