Social networks spawn online dating sites

Feb 8, 2012
Badoo has 137 million users. Tapping that dating network comes with a caveat: Your Facebook friends may learn you’re in the market.
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Home security camera streams for all to see

Feb 7, 2012
There. Feel safer?
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Drones get the drop on us

Feb 7, 2012
They aren't just for the military anymore. Within the next few years, the skies could be full of private drones -- searching for everything from real estate to Britney Spears.
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Facebook having trouble emptying the trash

Feb 6, 2012
Really piling up there, guys.
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An open (Face)book

Feb 3, 2012
Facebook announced this week that it'll open its books and sell its shares to the public. What does this mean for Facebook's 800 million users?
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Congress, EU not impressed by Google’s new privacy policy

Feb 3, 2012
Didn't just click through without reading it, evidently
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Facebook Timeline can make you share more than you intended

Jan 31, 2012
The new feature is unpopular among nervous users.
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Everyone hates Facebook Timeline

Jan 30, 2012
But everybody's getting it.
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Privacy policy prompts war of words

Jan 27, 2012
Not your run-of-the-mill Boggle Battle
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Google's new privacy policy means more sharing

Jan 26, 2012
But at least you get some control of your profile.
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