The Oregon Trail: now available for Facebook

Feb 3, 2011
If you're of a certain age, you likely played Oregon Trail in elementary school on an old Apple computer. You and your family set out with your...
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Duke Nukem Forever has a release date

Jan 21, 2011
Bill Clinton is inaugurated for his second term in office. The English Patient wins Best Picture. And the video game Duke Nukem Forever, the next ...
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3DS coming in March

Jan 19, 2011
Nintendo says its 3D handheld gaming system, the 3DS, will be released March 27th and cost $250. The 3DS offers 3D games without having to wear...
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Sony rolling out new PSP, new game phone

Jan 19, 2011
Sony is apparently introducing the latest version of its handheld gaming system, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) on January 27th, according to...
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Do you want to smell your video games?

Jan 18, 2011
A company called Scent Sciences makes a system that adds scent to video games. ScentScape is a personal digital scent delivery system, and accordi...
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Angry Birds knocked off the top of the charts by 14-year-old

Jan 18, 2011
The cool thing about app stores is that you don't need to be a big name hotshot brand in order to make a splash. Take for instance, 14-year-old...
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THE TRASHMASTER: an 88-minute film made from Grand Theft Auto IV

Jan 11, 2011
So this French guy, Mathieu Weschler, spent two years playing Grand Theft Auto IV on a PC, saving clips of himself playing it, and turning those...
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Man facing jail for winning on slot machine

Jan 7, 2011
Andre Nestor from Pennsylvania is facing 650 felony counts of theft, criminal conspiracy, computer trespassing and other charges. Federal agents...
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Company that makes Rock Band sold for the price of a copy of Rock Band

Jan 4, 2011
$49.99 was all it took for a group of investors to buy the videogame maker Harmonix, makers of the popular, but perhaps not as popular as they used...
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Angry Birds maker gets behind Apple

Dec 29, 2010
The conventional wisdom lately has been that Android is poised to be the dominant mobile platform, crushing iPhone and all others with its...
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