Too much virtual connection can be a bad thing

Apr 6, 2020
With millions working from home, video chats are on the rise. They can be exhausting.
One expert advises putting time limits on your work video calls during mandatory work-from-home due to the coronavirus.

Some small businesses are flourishing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 25, 2020
From bidets to delivery boxes, the global pandemic has boosted some businesses.
Nina Roberts
Workplace Culture

Zoom goes public as video takes over conference rooms

Apr 17, 2019
Video meetings have made it possible to work remotely from pretty much anywhere. But there's still no substitute for in person eye contact. And you have to do your hair.
Zoom Video Conferencing/YouTube
Marketplace Tech Blogs

Is video conferencing worth all the trouble?

Apr 16, 2019
Some companies have lost $1 million in productivity just getting the technology to work.

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