The case for wage insurance to offset future job disruption

There's already unemployment insurance. But new research makes the case for wage insurance as further protection for workers.
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How Georgia is training workers to make EVs at Hyundai's massive Metaplant

Jun 12, 2024
The partnership between the state and the company, which includes tax incentives, could result in the production of 300,000 cars a year.
Construction of Hyundai's Metaplant, which is expected to employ 8,500 workers, underway in October 2023.
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The rise of the super commuters

Jun 4, 2024
New research out from Stanford finds the number of 40-plus-mile commutes are increasing as many workers only need to travel to work a few days a week. And the share of workers traveling 75 miles or more is up a third since the start of the pandemic.
The share of workers traveling 75 miles or more is up one third since the start of the pandemic.
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Job satisfaction up, but may be near a plateau

May 6, 2024
By one measure, we are happier with our jobs than ever. But issues around workplace culture and relationships are gaining importance.
If you ask how people feel about wages, workplace culture and work-life balance, there are signs of increasing dissatisfaction.
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Workers who built Baltimore's Key Bridge reflect on its reach in their lives

Apr 18, 2024
The ironworkers, painters and others who constructed the bridge thought it would outlive them.
Buddy Cefalu connecting road beams as an ironworker during the construction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.
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Tired of your boss bugging you after hours? You want the "right to disconnect"

Apr 4, 2024
A bill in the California legislature would make the state the first in the nation to offer what's already law in France and about a dozen other countries.
In California, AB 2751 would give workers a right to uninterrupted personal time, free from work-related calls and messages.
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Slowing wage increases are good news for the Fed, but bad news for workers

Jun 7, 2023
Wages are falling fastest at the bottom of the income distribution.
Both wage growth and the number of job openings are slowing, according to jobsite Indeed.
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For public good, not for profit.

4 of 5 “prime age” people are in workforce, highest since 2001

May 29, 2023
The ratio covers people 25 to 54 years old. The strong participation means employers looking to hire may have a hard time finding workers.
With the labor market still hot, industries like hospitality and retail may struggle to attract workers unless they boost wages.
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As Title 42 ends, the strong U.S. economy is a major draw for migrants

May 11, 2023
Available jobs and better wages are helping shape the immigration patterns of people leaving their home countries for safer conditions.
Immigrants seeking asylum line up in Yuma, Arizona, on May 11. An increasing number of migrants are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border as Title 42 expires.
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One route to avoiding layoffs? "If businesses accept lower profit margins," said Wells Fargo economist Sarah House.
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