How Ireland rebounded after Europe's debt crisis

by Stephen Beard Jun 27, 2018
Austerity, grit and flexibility helped get the country's economy back on an even keel.
An illustration shows a two euro coin taken in Dublin in 2013.

U.K. and Russia at odds over spy poisoning

by Stephen Beard Mar 15, 2018
The U.S., France and Germany also condemn alleged Russian killing.
British military personnel wearing protective coveralls work to remove a vehicle connected to the March 4 nerve agent attack in Salisbury, from a residential street in Gillingham, southeast England on March 14, 2018.

Calais refugees set sights on UK rather than France, for economic reasons

by Emma Jacobs Oct 25, 2016
Unemployment in the U.K. is lower than in France, and many of those in Calais also speak some English already.
Migrants leave with their luggage at the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France. Migrants are leaving the Jungle migrant and refugee camp by coach for a second day as French authorities clear the camp of an estimated 7000 people ahead of its demolition. 
Jack Taylor/Getty Images

UK reveals Brexit timetable and strikes tough stance

by Stephen Beard Oct 3, 2016
UK Prime Minister Theresa May signals the UK won't yield on immigration policy.
British Prime Minister Theresa May waves after delivering a speech about Brexit on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference 2016 at the ICC Birmingham in Birmingham, England. 
Carl Court/Getty Images

A tale of two sister cities with massively different views on Brexit

by Lizzie O'Leary Jul 8, 2016
As part Lizzie O'Leary's Brexit travels, we visit the German sister city of St. Helens, an English town that voted to leave the EU.
Hauptbahnhof railway station in Stuttgart, Germany. 
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Understanding the pro-Brexit vote in one English town

by Lizzie O'Leary Jul 1, 2016
Many people in St. Helens, a former industrial powerhouse, feel left behind.
Lizzie O'Leary/Marketplace

Brexit uncertainty clouds UK economic outlook

by Stephen Beard Jun 30, 2016
Prime minister's upcoming departure adds a layer of political confusion.
Protesters gather against the EU referendum result in Trafalgar Square on June 28 in London.
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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As Brexit looms, London frets about its future

by Stephen Beard Jun 29, 2016
London voted to remain in the EU, but now the likelihood of leaving worries many.
City workers talk on their mobile phones near the Bank of England as the financial markets face uncertainty in the wake of Brexit on June 27, 2016 in London, England. 
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

How did Shakespeare make his money?

by Stephen Beard Apr 21, 2016
Did theater or wool-trading account for the playwright's wealth?
A Sotheby's employee handles a copy of William Shakespeare, The First Folio 1623 on July 7, 2006 in London, England. 
Scott Barbour/Getty Images
BBC World Service

Scotland says no to independence. Now what?

by Kai Ryssdal Sep 19, 2014
The "no's" have it: the United Kingdom is still united as a kingdom.

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