Three years after the pandemic recession, signing up for unemployment still isn't easy

Jun 26, 2023
States are upgrading IT and accessibility to unemployment insurance, but it's a long hard road.
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Laid-off workers are leaving unemployment benefits on the table

Apr 6, 2023
A lot of them don't even know they're eligible.
The University of Michigan's Luke Shaefer calls unemployment benefits “the most arcane and complicated” government program.
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Continuing unemployment claims, explained

Feb 23, 2023
Continuing claims for benefits fell by 37,000 for the week, according to the latest data from the Labor Department.
A "Join our team today!" sign posted at a UPS store early this month. Weekly jobless claims data suggests continuing strength in the job market.
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Layoffs are up, first-time jobless claims are down. What gives?

Jan 23, 2023
The job market is still tight, so many who've lost jobs rejoin the workforce fast. Others aren't eager to deal with the unemployment insurance system.
Layoffs have so far been concentrated in the tech sector, but the overall unemployment trend has remained near decade-lows.
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States are being sued for trying to "claw back" pandemic unemployment benefits

Oct 14, 2022
Texas, for instance, sent out more than 1 million overpayment notices since the pandemic began.
Texas, Rhode Island, Michigan and Maryland have been hit with lawsuits based on their claims of overpaying recipients.
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New data shows companies are spending more on workers

Apr 29, 2022
Wages are rising and benefits are getting better. Trouble is, inflation is outpacing pay.
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Labor Department offers unemployment clawback guidance

Feb 9, 2022
The Department of Labor has issued new guidance to states recommending they forgive pandemic unemployment overpayments where fraud is not involved.
On average, unemployment benefits for laid-off workers are expected to be much less.
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For public good, not for profit.

New unemployment claims drop to a 50-year low

Nov 24, 2021
While there are constraints on labor supply, we're seeing signs that some of them are easing, one economist says.
Though this week's first-time jobless claims are a historic low, the economic recovery is still volatile. Above, people line up to attend a Los Angeles job fair.
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As federal unemployment benefits end, many states' UI systems remain janky

Sep 7, 2021
Some crash, others don’t work on mobile devices. In some states, workers have to wait to receive new passwords by mail to access their accounts.
To help states improve their unemployment systems, the Labor Department is creating an Unemployment Insurance Modernization unit.
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Unemployment rate for Black workers going the wrong way as benefits expire

Sep 6, 2021
Black workers were the only racial or ethnic group for whom unemployment rose in the most recent monthly data — to nearly 9%.
A woman walks past the an employment services center in Washington, D.C., in July 2020. In the most recent unemployment report, Black workers were the only racial or ethnic group to see unemployment rise.
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