When watching for the recovery, continuing jobless claims are key

May 21, 2020
The difference between initial jobless claims and overall continuing claims is an important one.
A sign at a gas station tells customers it is closed. Unemployment has reached alarming levels in the United States.
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What happens if you choose not to go back to work in Texas?

May 20, 2020
The executive director of the Texas Workforce Commission said they're making some allowances so people who choose not to go back to work keep receiving benefits.
Employment advertisements in a 2014 newspaper in Australia.
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Half of Americans who lost work or wages are getting $0 jobless benefits

May 18, 2020
Workers lost $80 billion in pay in April due to the pandemic, but only got $48 billion in unemployment benefits, according to the Hamilton Project.
A person fills out an application for unemployment benefits in April in Virginia. In many states, it’s been hard to make a regular unemployment claim.
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Why some gig workers are getting less in unemployment benefits

They're eligible for assistance due to the pandemic, but a snag in the system may keep them from getting it.
Some gig workers are seeing that none of their self-employment income is being used to determine what their unemployment insurance benefit should be.
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How one unemployed bartender is making ends meet

May 4, 2020
A government stimulus check, unemployment benefits and helpful roommates are keeping Neil Cairns afloat — for now.
Bartender Neil Cairns in Portland, Oregon, hasn't been able to work since mid-March.
Thomas Patteron

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Do unemployment benefits in the time of COVID-19 cover the cost of living?

Apr 23, 2020
Those dollars stretch farther in some states than others.
The benefits vary from state to state, though right now, recipients also qualify for $600 a week in federal pandemic unemployment benefits.
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For the self-employed, a confusing path to benefits as they lose income to COVID-19

Apr 21, 2020
Independent contractors, freelancers, sole proprietors and others look to federal and state programs for help.
Self-employed workers are eligible for new federal pandemic unemployment benefits, but some have not yet been able to apply.
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