When your safety net ... disappears

by Ilya Marritz Feb 7, 2014
The number of jobless Americans who've lost their extended unemployment benefits has swelled to 1.7 million.

Bringing the long-term unemployed back to the office

by Dan Bobkoff Jan 15, 2014
President Obama has called on employers to stop passing over long-term jobless applicants.

Going to Plan B when jobless benefits get cut off

by David Weinberg Jan 14, 2014
For one woman looking for work, unemployment benefits kept certain career options. With Congress not extending benefits, a new plan is in order.

Prospects bleak for long-term unemployed

by Jeff Tyler Jan 8, 2014
As Congress considers extending federal benefits, the long-term unemployed find it harder to find a job with every day they're out of the workforce.

Senate paves way for jobless benefits extension

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Jan 7, 2014
Despite today's vote, Washington gridlock has led to creative accounting on Capitol Hill.

What if Congress doesn’t reinstate unemployment benefits?

by Dan Weissmann Jan 6, 2014
Expect unemployment to drop -- but not because people are heading back to work.

So, what happens -- and to whom -- if Congress doesn't extend unemployment benefits?

by Dan Weissmann Dec 13, 2013
1.3 million people take an immediate hit, but that number would go up throughout the year.

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Unemployment claims fell last week -- but there's a catch

by Diane Swonk Sep 12, 2013
The trend is in the right direction, but the statistic won't dominate in the markets.

Long-term unemployment gets...longer

by , and Apr 5, 2013
Even as the U.S. economy is adding jobs, nearly five million people have been out of work for at least six months, and figures show their wait to return to the workforce is growing.

Unemployment claims drop to five-year low

by Jeremy Hobson Mar 7, 2013
The Dow is still in record territory in early trading this morning. The surge comes on the heels of strong jobs data from the Labor Department, which show applications for unemployment benefits have fallen to a five-year low.

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