What are some of the key takeaways from Davos 2024?

War, A.I. and U.S. elections were among the key talking points at the World Economic Forum, says Patrick Foulis of The Economist.
At the World Economic Forum, many decisions are being made based on the possibility of another Trump presidency, says Patrick Foulis of The Economist.
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Polish truckers blockade Ukrainian border in protest over loss of business

Nov 21, 2023
Thousands of Ukrainian truck drivers are stalled at the border in Poland as tensions between the two countries grow.
Ukrainian drivers wait near their trucks, blocked by Polish protesters near a Polish-Ukrainian border crossing on Nov. 19.
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With a government shutdown averted, funding for Israel and Ukraine remains in the air

Nov 17, 2023
A bipartisan group of Senators is working on a compromise on immigration that would be included in a broader package of aid for Ukraine and Israel.
Earlier this month, the House of Representatives also passed a $14 billion aid package for Israel, with no funding for Ukraine.
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The economic impact of Kevin McCarthy's ouster as House speaker

What developments in the House could mean for a potential government shutdown, funding for Ukraine and more.
With Kevin McCarthy being removed as speaker of the House of Representatives, the chances of a government shutdown in November have increased, according to Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group.
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After Russian moves against Ukraine exports, where is the global wheat market headed?

Jul 21, 2023
Wheat prices have soared this week, but market watches say global production may stave off shortages for now.
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Can ‘drone whisperers’ in Ukraine use the supply chain to ground weapons?

Apr 12, 2023
Weapons inspectors hope preventing the sale of vital parts will hobble Russian arsenals.
A member of a Ukrainian volunteer unit, which has shot down multiple Iranian drones, walks after posing in a trench.
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War in Ukraine disrupts Europe's green energy plans for the moment

Dec 27, 2022
The conflict has forced the continent to rely on coal.
Snow lies in a residential area while smoke rises from the chimneys of a coal-fired power plant in the background during a sub-zero day on Dec. 15, 2022 in Korbetha near Halle, Germany.
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For public good, not for profit.

One Ukrainian's story of fleeing her country

Apr 19, 2022
"I was woken up by a phone call, and I was told that the war started."
The wreckage of a tank is seen next to destroyed residential houses in the village of Zalissya, northeast of Kyiv on April 19, 2022.
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Europe sanctions Russian coal but not oil and gas

Apr 8, 2022
Experts say the EU should look into further energy sanctions while cold weather is not a pressing concern.
Coal imported from abroad lies at Hamburg Port after unloading from ships on April 8 in Hamburg, Germany.
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Add beer to the list of products that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is making more expensive

Apr 5, 2022
Ukraine and Russia are two of the world's top barley exporters.
A bartender pours a beer in Austin, Texas. Supply chain issues, a poor crop year and the war in Ukraine have all contributed to higher barley prices.
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