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Yellen: U.S. intends to be "transparent about the actions that we've taken" when it comes to China

"Especially with COVID ... we've grown apart and misunderstandings have developed," Yellen says. "It's necessary to meet to discuss our differences openly."
"We fully expect to have more frequent communications at many different levels and have opportunities to explore concerns," Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says of China. 
Pedro Pardo/AFP via Getty Images

Yellen's trip to China may start with finding economic common ground

Jun 27, 2023
In March, the Treasury secretary told Marketplace that the U.S. and China need to put a "floor" under their relationship.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plans to visit Beijing in July.
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"We simply must pay our bills": Janet Yellen on debt, inflation, infrastructure and what the economy needs

Nov 9, 2021
The Treasury secretary doesn't see a 1970s-style inflation shock on the horizon. "The Federal Reserve wouldn’t permit that to happen."
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Glasgow, Scotland, last week for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.
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What Janet Yellen would bring — and face — as treasury secretary

Jan 19, 2021
In her Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday, Yellen is calling on Congress to do more to fight a deep pandemic-induced recession.
Treasury secretary nominee Janet Yellen speaks after President-elect Joe Biden announced his economic team in Wilmington, Delaware, on Dec. 1, 2020.
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Janet Yellen, Biden's pick for treasury secretary, says U.S. needs more pandemic relief spending

Yellen, a former Fed chair, has advocated for more spending to aid small businesses and the unemployed during COVID-19.
Yellen is seen as an authority on what happens if the government cuts back on stimulus spending too soon.
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AP source: Biden taps ex-Fed chair Yellen to lead treasury

Nov 23, 2020
Yellen, who is widely admired in the financial world, would be the first woman to lead the Treasury Department.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that her department would have to take "extraordinary measures" to keep the U.S. government from defaulting on its debt.
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What's next for Main Street, Wall Street as Fed lending programs are set to expire

Nov 20, 2020
Fed programs and policy have helped ease economic pain during the pandemic. In its dwindling days, the Trump administration will end some of those emergency programs Dec. 31.
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin greet each other after testifying before Congress in June.
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For public good, not for profit.

Awash in red ink: U.S. posts record $3.1T 2020 budget deficit

Oct 16, 2020
The federal deficit for 2020 was three times the size of last year’s deficit. It was the government’s largest annual shortfall in dollar terms.
President Donald Trump listens as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaks during a daily coronavirus press briefing in March.
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Another partner abandons Facebook's cryptocurrency

Oct 14, 2019
Travel firm Booking Holdings has pulled out of the Libra Association as companies involved in the digital currency face increased regulation.
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Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warns of economic power misuse

Oct 16, 2018
"Everyone understands that there's a price you pay when you use military force. Well, there's a price you pay when you use economic force as well."
Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew in October 2016.
Mark Makela/Getty Images