Braille versions of textbooks help blind college students succeed

Oct 12, 2017
The AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center at Georgia Tech is one of the only braille production centers in the U.S. that caters to blind and visually impaired college students.
A page from a college-level pre-calculus textbook. Officials at the AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center at Georgia Tech say they are seeing more demand from  schools for higher-level textbooks in math, science, technology and engineering fields.
Tasnim Shamma/ for Marketplace

Teens' summer job prospects look good, thanks to a tight labor market

Jun 14, 2017
Youth unemployment has fallen by nearly half since 2010, and fewer young people are looking for work.
A teenager fills out an application at a job fair in the Queens borough of New York City.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Which states spend more on high-poverty schools? The Urban Institute takes a look

May 31, 2017
Education policy experts generally agree that it costs more to teach kids living in poverty. They come into school at a disadvantage, often need support services and it’s harder to attract good teachers to high-poverty schools. The Urban Institute is out with new data Wednesday looking at which states spend more money on those schools. […]

Textbook publishers in a bind as students go digital

Feb 27, 2017
Pearson, the global education publisher, announced a nearly $3.3 billion loss for 2016. It’s struggling, as many traditional publishers are, with big shifts in the way college kids buy (or don’t buy) textbooks. According to the National Association of College Stores, spending on course materials has fallen 14 percent in the last 10 years. Students […]

Immigration and politics on a Georgia campus in Trump country

Feb 17, 2017
A group of friends at Dalton State College talk about racial tensions and American pride.
From left, Juan Garcia, Meghan O'Toole, Marlen Hernandez Garcia, Laurely Caycho and Diego Alvarado Ruiz at Dalton State College in Dalton, Georgia.
Eliza Mills/Marketplace

Undergrads are getting older, according to a new study

Nov 28, 2016
The so-called traditional college student is in the minority.
Ray Cross/Flickr

Another school year, another year of teacher shortages

Sep 15, 2016
Teacher shortages are significant in special education, math and science.
Many public schools are struggling to find and retain teachers.
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

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Why ITT Tech's closing leaves a big mess

Sep 6, 2016
Students and taxpayers may find themselves stuck as for-profit schools close.
In light of ITT Technical Institute's nationwide closing, students could seek to cancel $500 million in federal loans. 
Wikimedia Commons

In Texas, kids learn money doesn't grow on trees

Jul 25, 2016
From stores to a bank and radio station — in Enterprise City, kids run it all.
Students run things in the North Texas town of Enterprise City.

Student loans: It's all about the payments

Apr 11, 2016
New data shows more than 3 million borrowers have defaulted on their loans.
There are currently 3 million people who are delinquent on their federal student loans.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images