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For some small businesses, creating content is big business

Nov 8, 2023
Many small business owners rely on content creation to boost sales, promote their brands and even generate additional revenue.
Video production on social media is a mainstay of content for small businesses. Sometimes it's meant to promote their offerings, but sometimes the content itself generates revenue.
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Yes, young people can fall victim to scams

Anti-scam education “is not information to just pass on to your grandmother,” says Emma Fletcher of the Federal Trade Commission.
Rip-off schemes involving investments, jobs and online shopping usually target younger people, says Emma Fletcher, senior data researcher at the Federal Trade Commission.
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LinkedIn's "wholesome" vibe could be making it popular with teens

Oct 18, 2023
In addition to getting career boosts, young people like the platform for its positive tone, says journalist Anya Kamenetz.
"I got responses from, like, 65 teenagers," says journalist Anya Kamenetz. "And I just was so surprised to see LinkedIn coming up again and again."
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New research quantifies why you want to quit social media but can't

All that's keeping some of us on social media is basically the fear of missing out. That raises larger questions about its value.
Do people get a lot out of being on social media, or do we stay on these platforms simply because everyone else does and we don't want to miss out?
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There's a corner of the internet where YouTubers read strangers' obituaries. Why?

"It's quite a tasteless pursuit, but it seems as though it's a pursuit driven by desperation, like they are casting around looking for ways to make money online," WIRED reporter Kate Knibbs said of the YouTube obituary pirates.
Searching the name of a recently deceased person can bring up a flood of these YouTube obituary videos.
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Reddit, Twitter and the [price] war on third-party developers

Jul 17, 2023
In a bid for new revenue streams, social media platforms risk alienating API makers, who are an integral part of the digital ecosystem.
Twitter and Reddit recently introduced new pricing schemes for third-party developers that use their platforms.
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For public good, not for profit.

Meta readies new Twitter challenger

Jul 5, 2023
Threads, the new social media platform created by the owner of Instagram and Facebook, launches Thursday.
The Threads app is looking to push Twitter off its perch.
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E-commerce and running a business 24/7

Jun 9, 2023
In a world connected via the internet, small businesses are taking advantage of social media to promote their brand.
Remark Glass recycles used bottles and glass to create unique molten products like rock glasses and vases.
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Schools on front lines as Surgeon General warns about social media use

May 26, 2023
Educators are grappling with the consequences of "almost constant" social media usage by a significant number of teenagers.
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