QR codes and dramatic vistas: tips for traveling during the pandemic

May 15, 2020
Traveling will look very different during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tourists at Mount Cangshan in China's Yunnan province undergo temperature checks and QR code scans before entering the park.
Jennifer Pak/Marketplace

Trump administration proposes new powers to block foreign technology deals

Nov 27, 2019
"From a business perspective, it's terrifying," said one attorney.
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP via Getty Images

Do renters have the right to reject smart home technology?

Mar 5, 2019
Some tenants prefer to keep their apartments dumb.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple scrambles to fix FaceTime bug

Jan 29, 2019
A bug in Apple’s FaceTime, news of which filled social media channels and tech news sites this week, could have allowed a caller to listen to the audio from an iPhone she or he is calling, even before the person…
Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

New tech doorbells can record video, and that's an ethics problem

Jan 17, 2019
They might be recording a lot more than who's at the front door.
Part of the problem with doorbell cameras is that their owners are filming a lot more territory than the terms of service say they should, says Laura Norén, director of research at Obsidian Security.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Google Plus users exposed to security vulnerability

Oct 9, 2018
A software glitch left private data of more than 496,000 users of the social media network open to potential misuse.
Google's European headquarters in Dublin in 2010.

First, LA welcomes subway body scanners. Next, a major city near you?

Sep 17, 2018
Questions loom about the new technology, like whether it has potential to keep travelers safe, or if it's just security theater.
Officers tested out the mobile units during a demonstration at Los Angeles Union Station. 
Sasa Woodruff/Marketplace

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Facial scan technology makes debut in airports

Aug 16, 2018
How does the technology work, and what does it offer beyond the old stand by — a set of human eyes?
Biometric boarding uses measurements of facial features to match passengers' images against passport photo data on file with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Renata Sago/Marketplace

Fax machines too often an unguarded gateway into corporate data systems

Aug 14, 2018
There was a time when the chugging of fax machines was heard in every office. No longer since e-mail and instant messaging services took over our lives. Even so, many of those big, industrial scanner/printer/copiers in offices also have built…
Fax machines can be a huge security risk for companies.  
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Is security fatigue keeping companies from being secure?

Aug 2, 2018
With so many reports about hacks and breaches, is security staff getting burnt out?
Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images