Buying a house is tricky when you can't leave the one you already have

Apr 1, 2020
More realtors are taking up drone photography and virtual tours.
Would you buy a house you've never stepped foot in?
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The rise of the high-rise

Jan 21, 2020
As more and more people want the amenities of urban living, there's nowhere to build but up.
At 44 stories, Baltimore's new 414 Light Street is the tallest apartment building in Maryland.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

Retailers find value in their bricks and mortar

Jan 7, 2020
Bed Bath & Beyond is the latest to sell stores ... only to lease them back.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Positive signs for the housing market heading into 2020

Dec 24, 2019
2019 started out on a down note, with 30-year mortgage rates having spiked just below 5%.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Are affordable houses making a comeback?

Nov 26, 2019
Analysts say smaller, cheaper houses are on the horizon.
A "price reduced" sign on a home for sale in Royal Oak, Michigan.
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

House bidding wars fall to a 10-year low

Nov 14, 2019
Real estate brokerage Redfin says just one in ten offers faced competition in October.

What the GOP tax plan is doing to home values

Oct 10, 2019
A new report says the GOP tax plan is making home values lower than they’d otherwise be in some parts of the country.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Adventures in Housing

Introducing "Adventures in Housing"

Aug 28, 2019
A series about how we live today. But to make it work, we need your input.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Lots of housing markets are still affordable

Jun 27, 2019
It all depends where you're looking.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why low mortgage rates don’t always mean more home sales

Jun 25, 2019
New home sales are down, even though mortgage rates are down, too. But low mortgages aren't the deciding factor when it comes to buying a home.
A sale-pending sign is posted in front of a home in San Francisco.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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