How does leap year affect your paycheck?

Feb 28, 2024
There are 366 days this year. That can make paying workers more complicated.
Leap day pay is straightforward for hourly employees, but it's gets a little more complicated for salaried workers.
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Businesses face new restrictions with no aid in sight

Nov 24, 2020
During the first round of lockdowns earlier this year, small businesses could fall back on federal relief. Not this time.
A bartender awaits patrons at a Florida restaurant. Anxiety is rising for many small business owners.
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Companies might have raised wages even if tax reform never passed

Jan 11, 2018
Walmart is raising wages, but that might have less to do with taxes and more to do with the labor market.
Walmart employee Anna Hines walks through the parking lot of a Walmart in Chicago, Illinois.
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Here's what the wage gap looks like

Mar 8, 2017
Black women get paid 65 cents for every dollar non-Hispanic white men get paid, while Hispanic women earn 59 cents.
Women march behind a banner as they join other women's rights advocates at an International Women's Day march in downtown Los Angeles, California back in 2015.

Bobby Bonilla's $1,193,248.20 yearly check

Jul 1, 2015
What Bernie Madoff has to do with the retired baseball player.

Paycheck Fairness Act voted down

Jun 5, 2012
It may have been more electioneering that legislating, but a Democratic bill to close the pay gap between men and women fell short in the Senate along clear partisan lines.

The price of happiness in the workplace

Mar 9, 2012
Commentator Teresa Amabile on the misconceived correlation between paychecks and joy.

For public good, not for profit.

Jobs surge

Jan 5, 2012
Today, ADP reported the biggest jump in new hires it has ever seen: 325,000 new jobs in December. Could that be a sign the economy is coming out of its stupor?