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It's not you, it's my cost-benefit calculations

by Josh Freedman Sep 8, 2014
A commentary from McSweeney's.

A pep talk for the self-employed

by Marketplace Contributor May 30, 2014
Freelance writer Anne Brinser Shelton has some thoughts on the office of one.

A short history of the billionaire

by Christopher Buckley May 8, 2014
In his new book of essays, "But Enough About You," Christopher Buckley delves into history's forgotten billionaires.

Ever find it difficult to talk to your boss - or your boss's boss?

by Marketplace Contributor Apr 15, 2014
Chris Colin and Rob Baedeker, authors of "What to Talk About," have some tips.

The Market Was Down

by B.J. Novak Feb 21, 2014
A short story from the collection 'One More Thing'

8 post-apocalpyse scenarios: The Day After the Debt Ceiling

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 6, 2014
The authors of "How to Win at Everything" share some predictions for what happens if Congress fails to agree about the Debt Ceiling.

Passing notes in the back of Coursera

by Beth Teitell Sep 25, 2013
Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, allow anyone to be a student. Retirees, soccer moms or radio commentator Beth Teitell.

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What would life be like without a cell phone?

by Gary Sernovitz Sep 3, 2013
Gary Sernovitz is the managing director of the investment firm Lime Rock Partners. And he doesn't have a cell phone.

Why technology has ruined summer camp

by Beth Teitell Aug 7, 2013
Commentator Beth Teitell says technology is ruining the camp experience because it allows parents to monitor kids 24/7.

Living life as a target-market female

by Katie Brinkworth Jul 30, 2013
What it's like to live in an advertiser's world of the target-market female, aged 25 to 45 years old.

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