TV ownership is in decline, new study says

Mar 8, 2017
Americans don’t own as many TVs as they used to. That’s according to a new study out from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. No surprise, as we’re watching more programming on mobile devices and laptops. What does this mean for the companies that make and sell televisions? Click the above audio player to hear the […]

Mobile makers get together, and talk price

Feb 22, 2016
Expect more low-cost phones to debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft hoping for a revival with Windows 10

Jul 28, 2015
The company aims for the new operating system to help it win back tablet and phone users.

Google will prioritize mobile-friendly sites

Apr 20, 2015
The change takes effect Tuesday, reordering search results.

Your phone knows where you are. So do marketers

Sep 30, 2014
Companies can use your mobile location data to learn what you do and what you buy.

The first smartphone turns 20

Aug 18, 2014
Looking back at the phone that was 2 decades ahead of its time.

For public good, not for profit.

Pop up ads lack impact

Jul 18, 2014
Mobile phone ads work best for practical items like cars and refrigerators.

By 2020, there will be 10 web-connected devices per human

Mar 6, 2014
Dell CEO Michael Dell tells Marketplace his plans to meet future demand.

Verizon enters the price wars

Feb 13, 2014
As competitors amp up their game, Verizon strategizes
Verizon is the latest company to announce a "free" data program.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images