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Why are investments in ESG funds falling?

Jan 19, 2024
Morningstar found that 2023 was the first year investors pulled more money out of ESG and sustainability funds than they put into them.
Until recently, investors were pouring money into ESG and sustainability funds, according to Alyssa Stankiewicz of Morningstar.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Is it RIP for the NFT?

Dec 22, 2023
After the meteoric rise of NFTs, the fall has hammered the market. Can we call curtains for the digital art market?
A Times Square billboard reads "I hate NFTs!" during the fourth annual NFT.NYC conference in June 2022. Nearly all NFTs are currently worthless.
Noam Galai/Getty Images

How “age tech” is creating opportunities for older adults

Growing numbers of entrepreneurs and their financial backers are starting to see aging as an opportunity for innovation and profit.
An aging population, especially in Asia, is getting investors excited, says senior economics contributor Chris Farrell. Above, an older man uses his phone in Beijing.
Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images

Why the U.S. wants more limits on Americans' private investment in Chinese firms

Feb 28, 2023
Washington is looking at economic ways to counter China's influence — especially when it comes to companies linked to the country's military.
The number of Chinese companies off limits to American investors is now up to 59.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

Predatory practices past and present target Black investors

Feb 10, 2023
Payday loans, high-fee check-cashing services and scams find fertile ground in a community still affected by generations of discrimination.
Kenneth Nichols, right, works with Janice Leek to set up a presentation called "The Future of Blockchain Is Here!"
Kimberly Adams/Marketplace

How a 24-year-old living with her parents spends her paychecks

Jan 6, 2023
After saving or investing around 40% of her income, Abigail Gomez has money left over for luxuries.
Abigail Gomez and her boyfriend, Kaden Cooper, in northern Utah. They hope to own a home together within the next year.
Courtesy Gomez

AMC appeals to meme stock investors for its financial future

Aug 26, 2022
AMC sells APEs to tap into retail investors’ enthusiasm. Can it evolve beyond the meme?
Traders on the floor of New York Stock Exchange stare up at a screen that shows APE preferred share stock price.
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For public good, not for profit.

Heuristics: a decision-maker's friend in uncertain times

Mar 3, 2022
From cycling in a new city to investing during a war, heuristics can help you make decisions faster.
Economist Mauricio Olivares developed a rule of thumb to help him through London on a bicycle. He says that type of decision-making is useful for navigating uncertain scenarios.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Private equity will buy up companies to the tune of $1 trillion this year

Dec 17, 2021
Thanks, in part, to the pandemic — and the low interest rates that have accompanied it.
Private equity firms, largely invested in by endowments and pension funds, often buy companies saddled with debt, revamp them and sell them for a profit.
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With Bitcoin's popularity increasing, what new regulations will we see?

Jan 15, 2021
Those looking to dip their toes into Bitcoin expect the same regulatory clarity and protections that come with traditional assets.
Financial advisers and professional money managers generally haven't been able to add Bitcoin to the portfolios they manage.
Ozan Kose/AFP via Getty Images