Examining the toxic history of flame retardants

by David Brancaccio, Daniel Shin, and Redmond Carolipio Aug 17, 2018
A look at how the flame retardant industry came to touch so many objects in our lives.
A fire-fighting air tanker drops fire retardant on the deadly 40,000-acre Esperanza Fire in the San Jacinto Mountains on Oct.28, 2006 west of Palm Springs near Banning, California. 
David McNew / Getty Images

A single pipeline leak slows the Southeast

by Jed Kim Sep 19, 2016
Many kinds of disconnects impact pipelines these days: some physical, others cognitive.

Gas is below $2 a gallon, so where's the savings going?

by Mitchell Hartman Dec 21, 2015
Drivers are saving at the pump, but they're not spending more elsewhere.

The first electric cars weren't 'manly' enough

by Scott Tong Oct 7, 2014
Decisions about fuel have as much to do with gender norms as energy density.

You may see $3 a gallon for gas in your lifetime

by Scott Tong Sep 16, 2014
The global glut of oil is pushing gasoline prices down.

Why gas prices vary from station to station

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 20, 2013
Gas prices have risen 45 cents in the past month, but one gas station owner says he isn't making much profit from it.
Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics: Doing a U-turn on the gas tax

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 20, 2013
The gas tax helps pay for our roads; and we’re not collecting as much money as we need.

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Carmakers take new look at diesel

by Stacey Vanek Smith Feb 8, 2013
Automakers are introducing new diesel models for U.S. drivers, as gas prices rise and tougher fuel-efficiency standards approach.
Chevrolet, Mazda and Mercedes are all introducing new diesel car models this year.
Sean Gallup/Getty Image

Gas prices begin their seasonal slide upward

by David Weinberg Feb 4, 2013
Prices generally increase as refineries start to change from production of winter-season gas to more expensive summer-season gas, lowering production.
Final Note

Americans spend 4% of household income on gasoline

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 4, 2013
The Energy Department said today the average American household now spends $2,900 a year on gas.

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