The Tribeca Festival began as a revitalization project. It's now a big moneymaker for New York.

Jun 10, 2024
Neighborhood businesses near the arts celebration get a visibility boost they hope will draw customers even after the red carpets roll up.
Actors Michael Angarano and Michael Cera on the red carpet for the new film Sacramento at Tribeca Festival.
Andrew Hirschfeld

Spending on games and hobbies is up as consumers prepare to hunker down for fall

Aug 31, 2023
During the pandemic, people spent money on stuff. Then, they spent money on experiences. Now, it seems they're spending money on things that help them connect.
Ethan Childs, left, and Imani White play Magic the Gathering at Canton Games in Baltimore. Games are part of how they socialize.
Stephanie Hughes/Marketplace

Tradle brings Wordle-style game to global exports

Aug 24, 2023
Can you figure out what country exports, say, both crude oil and leather footwear? Gilberto García-Vazquez of Datawheel explains the game.
A screenshot of Thursday's Tradle. Which country is it?
Tradle/Observatory of Economic Complexity

Americans are spending less on hobbies. How's that affecting stores that rely on them?

May 18, 2023
Commerce Department data shows retail sales for sporting goods, hobby, instrument and book stores were down 5.4% in April compared to a year ago. Sales for garden equipment and supplies were down too.
Lindsay Farrell, who works at Canton Games in Baltimore, holds out a 100-sided die. It costs $44.99. Stephanie Hughes / Marketplace

As recreation makes a comeback, a local arcade celebrates surviving the pandemic

May 15, 2023
"You go out there right now in our store and there's a community," said Jamie York, owner of Game Underground.
Jamie York says Game Underground was quiet during the pandemic — but quiet isn't good in his business.
Sarah Leeson/Marketplace

Indigenous creatives are blazing trails in the gaming industry

Apr 21, 2023
Native game creators are building alternate realities where their cultures are centered and respected. But the projects still need funding.
A screenshot from Achimostawinan Games' website in April. Studios like Achimostawinan are creating interactive narratives in which Native characters aren’t defined by their relationship to colonization or genocide. 
Achimostawinan Games

Dungeons & Dragons can be a lucrative side hustle

Some enterprising dungeon masters charge up to $500 per session.
Professional Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master Devon Chulick in a session with clients Amanda Perry, Justin Stuart Paul and Shashir Redd.
Photo by Kelsey McClellan for Bloomberg

For public good, not for profit.

5 things you need to know about HQ Trivia

Jan 12, 2018
Yes, it's that thing people are talking about on Twitter.
HQ Trivia

The perils and pleasures of video game voice-over

Mar 18, 2016
The video game industry poses a particular challenge to voice actors.
A look at the video game "Seasons of Infamy," a game in which Dee Bradley Baker voice acts in. 
Image via theRadBrad/YouTube

Capitalizing on consoles: the Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam

Feb 2, 2016
Travel to the Netherlands ... and back in time.
An Atari Pinball Breakaway retro games console. The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam is banking on nostalgia for vintage gaming systems like these to attract customers.
Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images