Women's soccer equal pay deal highlights how unions can help level the playing field

Sep 7, 2022
According to federal data, union membership reduces the gender pay gap by nearly 40%.
Under the new contracts, the U.S. men's and women's soccer teams will be paid according to the same pay structure for appearances and tournament games.
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Women gamers finding it difficult to level up earnings in esports

Sep 13, 2021
Among the top 300 moneymakers in esports, none of them are women.
Women gamers have made plenty of progress in gaming, except in esports, where anything approached equal pay is elusive.
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Equal Pay Day for black women marks a persistent wage gap

Aug 23, 2019
For Latina women, the gap is even wider—it won’t be equal pay day until around Thanksgiving.
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MBAs can boost pay. But they can't eliminate the pay gap, a study found.

Apr 2, 2019
Women and people of color still earn less than white men, even with the degree.
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Can salary transparency lead to equal pay for women?

Apr 2, 2019
A new survey found that younger women are pushing back against unequal pay.
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Most millennials believe in gender equity, but avoid the "feminist" label

The latest GenForward survey examines how millennials view equal rights.
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What does the gender wage gap sound like?

Feb 16, 2018
In the U.S., on average, women earn 80 cents for every dollar men make, according to the Department of Labor.

For public good, not for profit.

The old salary history question could be on its way out for good

Oct 25, 2017
Narrowing the pay gap between men and women is the goal of new laws in California, Oregon, New York City, San Francisco and other jurisdictions.
A woman joins with other protesters to ask that woman be given the chance to have equal pay as their male co-workers on March 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
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Are women business owners too optimistic about equal pay?

Aug 31, 2017
Majority of women small business owners surveyed believe that the gender wage gap will be closed over the next 20 years.
A protester at the "A Day Without A Woman" demonstration on March 8, 2017 in Miami, Florida.
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