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Monitoring software on students' school laptops raises privacy concerns

Aug 3, 2022
A new survey finds that the vast majority of American schools are using activity monitoring software to track students. The intent is to keep students safe, but it's more common to be used for disciplinary reasons.
Schools' use of  monitoring software to keep track of students has been increasing.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

Apple releases privacy update that clamps down on data tracking

Apr 27, 2021
Apple’s privacy feature requires apps that track users’ web activities to get their express permission before doing so.
Apple has been talking about this change for seven months, and companies reliant on online advertising, like Facebook, have said their profitability could take a hit.
Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Apple bets on users opting in to be tracked, rather than opting out

Apr 20, 2021
Apple's new App Tracking Transparency feature comes as a blow to advertisers who've depended on default tracking.
This change means apps won’t be able to collect as much data about mobile users or sell it to advertisers.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Facebook is being more transparent with its ads, but is it doing enough to police them?

Jun 29, 2018
To combat fake ads and news, we need to study their effects more, says Tom Merritt of Daily Tech News Show.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during the annual F8 summit at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, on May 1.

The ads you see during the debate may be just for you

Sep 23, 2016
Targeted ads are playing a big role for political campaigns as they prepare for Monday's debate.
A person looks at their cell phone as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

New doc shows our evolving relationship with big data

Feb 24, 2016
It's not all black and white.
A staff member at the Somerset House in London stands in front of an art exhibit themed on big data. Rick Smolan, executive producer of the film "The Human Face of Big Data," says our relationship to data isn't black and white.

How retailers will be watching you in 2014

Dec 31, 2013
A growing number of organizations are tracking more of your shopping habits.

For public good, not for profit.

As holiday shopping ramps up, so does data tracking

Nov 26, 2013
Retailers are increasingly using data tracking to figure out what you want to buy.