How TikTok is becoming a powerful consumer marketing tool

Jul 16, 2021
The app can cause certain products to blow up overnight, Vox's internet culture reporter Rebecca Jennings says.
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Bringing bacteria to the market

Apr 29, 2019
A slew of new companies are selling bacteria they say can improve our health.
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For sale: A brand that pioneered cosmetics for women of color

Apr 11, 2019
The company that launched Ebony and Jet magazines — Johnson Publishing Company of Chicago — has filed for bankruptcy. Johnson sold off its magazines in 2016, but held on to Fashion Fair, its cosmetics brand. When the brand hit the market in 1973, the department store counters that sold it were among the few places where […]
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Young shoppers are giving the makeup industry a makeover

Oct 8, 2018
With big chains like Sephora and Ulta on the move, department stores are playing catch up.
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Botox is a multi-billion dollar, potentially deadly monopoly

The product comes from a substance so lethal that it could be used as a potential agent of bioterrorism.
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YouTube beauty videos for people over 35 are a huge hit

Oct 27, 2017
Yes, many social influencers are millennials. But the category to watch might be the over-35 crowd.
Angie "Hot-and-Flashy" Schmitt before shooting one of her videos. 
Courtesy of Angie Schmitt.

For public good, not for profit.

How tech is finding its way into your beauty bag

Mar 16, 2017
Turns out algorithms are just at good at assessing your pores as analyzing data.
More than 300 companies displayed their products at the Beauty Tech Summit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Products showcased include a hairbrush with a built-in microphone.
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The new CoverGirl is actually a boy

Oct 12, 2016
CoverBoy? He refers to himself as a CoverGirl, so we will too.
James Charles, a 17 year old makeup artist, is the new CoverGirl.

'Second skin' may end up fixing more than wrinkles

May 10, 2016
Its inventors think it could take on wrinkles and deliver drugs.
A silicone-based polymer applied to the skin can help with treatments for a number of medical conditions. 
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