Consumers are feeling good about where the economy's headed

by Erika Beras Oct 14, 2019
They're willing to spend because they expect to be earning more next year.
Samir Hussein/Getty Images For Shop West End VIP Weekend

Retail spending rose in May. Here's what folks are buying.

by Justin Ho Jun 14, 2019
Sales rose, and many of the gains were in discretionary categories.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The market for customized goods is here, thanks to your data

by Kai Ryssdal and Liz Sanchez Apr 25, 2019
Companies have created a new form of convenience with personalized products.

Regional grocery chains are in fight-or-flight mode

by Renata Sago Apr 18, 2019
Some are thriving. Others are closing. All are strategizing.
People shop at Wegmans Foods store in Fairfax, Virginia, on February 24, 2011. 

Look out, beef. Plant-based patties are vying to win over meat lovers.

by Renata Sago Feb 12, 2019
Two new burgers made from plants look like meat, cook like meat, and taste like meat.
The Impossible Burger is served at Toasted in Winter Park, Fl. as a classic burger.
Renata Sago/Marketplace

Social media fury over Instacart pay scale raises industry-wide concerns

by Renata Sago Feb 8, 2019
Instacart and other apps are competing for consistent customers, while worker pay is inconsistent.
This illustration photo taken on December 22, 2012, in Paris, shows credit cards in a miniature toy shopping cart.

As tariffs increase prices, are consumers noticing?

by Tracey Samuelson Jan 15, 2019
Last year, the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on roughly $280 billion worth of U.S. imports — everything from solar panels and washing machines, steel and aluminum, and about half of what we import from China. In response, Ford, Coca-Cola,…
Cars are prepared for distribution at a Ford factory in Dagenham, England.
Carl Court/Getty Images

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How a new service could help boost your credit score

by Renata Sago Dec 21, 2018
Experian says consumers who let the firm monitor their checking accounts could get easier access to credit.
iStock/Getty Images

How companies are sizing you up based on your behavior as a customer

by , and Nov 23, 2018
Companies use your "customer lifetime value score," a secret shopper score of sorts, to determine how to treat you.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

How the day after Thanksgiving came to be known as Black Friday

by Mitchell Hartman Nov 19, 2018
This Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is ubiquitously referred to as “Black Friday” by retailers, consumers and the media. We wondered: What does the term mean? And where’d it come from? Click the audio player above to hear the full…
The 24th of September 1869: Panic on 'Black Friday' in the New York Gold Room.
Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images

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