As the cost of living rises, Marketplace listeners share what they're saving for

Mar 18, 2019
Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report confirming a rising cost of living in the United States as the consumer price index rose 0.2 percent. Although it was a small hike, it affected the prices of food,…
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When listeners check the price tag...

...they tell us what they notice — and what they're willing to pay for.
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As tariffs increase prices, are consumers noticing?

Jan 15, 2019
Last year, the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on roughly $280 billion worth of U.S. imports — everything from solar panels and washing machines, steel and aluminum, and about half of what we import from China. In response, Ford, Coca-Cola,…
Cars are prepared for distribution at a Ford factory in Dagenham, England.
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Slow internet? Fast internet? You might be paying the same price

Aug 15, 2018
You and somebody across town might be paying the same fee, but getting very different service.

Home prices rise much faster than wages and consumer prices

Nov 28, 2017
The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller National Home Price Index hit a record high in August, and prices show no sign of moderating soon.
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Brash new competitor challenges Amazon

Jul 23, 2015 pledges to beat the online retailer's prices using a membership model.

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Inflation: A 'sweet spot' for consumer prices

Jul 22, 2014
The latest inflation numbers show prices are not too hot and not too cold.

An Uber expensive ride

Dec 19, 2013
Uber upset riders with a spike in service costs during a high-demand weekend.

Consumer Price Index drops, inflation under control

Dec 14, 2012
Turns out consumers got an early gift for the holidays last month. The Labor Department reported this morning that its Consumer Price Index dropped 0.3 percent in November. So, inflation is well under control. That’s good news for…