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Tech companies update language to avoid offensive terms

Jun 17, 2020
Big tech firms are moving away from coding language that carries racial connotations.
Tech companies are moving away from terms that could be considered racially insensitive, such as "master" and "slave."
Issouf Sanogo/AFP via Getty Images
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Some immigrants returning to Mexico find new opportunities

Feb 22, 2018
A computer coding class seeks to train young people for jobs in Mexico.
The Hola </code>  classroom in Mexico City.
Jorge Valencia

Educators in Navajo high school see coding as one way to end brain drain

Jun 5, 2017
In its first year, the computer class is becoming one of the campus' most popular offerings.
Students in computer science class at Shiprock High School are diving into concepts like basic HTML and CSS.
Carrie Jung

Obama administration expands access to student aid

Aug 16, 2016
Students in some nontraditional training programs can now use federal grants and loans.
The Obama administration announced new funding for education in the form of skills training. 
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Silicon Valley still has a diversity problem

Jan 21, 2016
But Howard University is trying to change that.
Attends get their first hands-on look at the new LG G Flex2 smart phone, at the LG press conference at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada January 5, 2015.

For public good, not for profit.

Being a competitive coding jock has its perks

Sep 28, 2015
Opportunities include job offers from Silicon Valley companies.

Paul Ford on ‘What Is Code?’ and why we should care

Jun 12, 2015
Most users don't know about programming. Ford wants to fix that.