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Prison training program teaches women to code

Jun 27, 2023
Finding meaningful work that pays a decent wage can be especially hard for people coming out of prison. The Last Mile is hoping to change that.
Tanika Stewart had taken other classes in prison, but The Last Mile appealed to her because of "how they train you, how upon your release they help you find a job."
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For incarcerated women, worries about losing child custody

Feb 21, 2023
Women sentenced prison time worry about who will take care of their children — and if they will be able to maintain custody.
Lori Timlin (pictured), parenting coordinator at the Minnesota women's prison, said a huge worry for women serving prison sentences is losing custody of their children.
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For home stagers, it's hard to put a pretty face on the real estate downturn 

Feb 7, 2023
Home stagers dress up a house so it’ll sell for more money. The slowing market is hitting them, too.
After doing a walk-through, stager Krisann Evoli advises clients on strategies such as rearranging closets to make them look bigger.
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Indiana group helps mothers recently released from prison find housing and jobs

Jan 3, 2023
Mothers on the Rise shows women how to navigate challenges that can arise for people with prison records.
From left, Savannah May, a formerly incarcerated mother, meets with Ashley Mager, project coordinator of Mothers on the Rise, to check in about work, supplies for May's toddler son and other concerns.
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For incarcerated women with newborns, an Indiana prison unit offers a chance to bond

Dec 27, 2022
The women learn child care skills and are paid prison wages to take care of their babies.
Jessica Adams and her son Dawson will live on a maternal unit at the Indiana Women’s Prison until she is released.
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Companies have sprung up to help students with mental health issues navigate college life

Jul 25, 2022
The services provide guidance for students seeking therapists in a new town, applying for test accommodations, and managing medications.
A variety of programs have emerged to help students with mental issues prepare for college.
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For kids who lost parents to COVID, the financial consequences compound the emotional toll

Jun 9, 2022
Losing a parent can have long-term financial implications for children.
Aidan (left), and Julius Garza (center), lost their father, David (right), to COVID-19 almost two years ago.
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The struggle to treat kids at a juvenile justice facility

Dec 8, 2021
Conditions at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake in Wisconsin were so bad that now, a federally appointed monitor oversees the facilities. As the number of kids there has declined, costs have gone up.
The Copper Lake and Lincoln Hills schools in Wisconsin house kids who have been sentenced to live there by a judge.
Courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Schools seek ways to provide mental health services during pandemic

Aug 28, 2020
Some districts are trying hotlines, others are offering socially distanced in-person sessions.
Elementary schoolers attend their first week of school from home in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Aug. 25.
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Black therapists say they are seeing an uptick in demand for their services

Jul 14, 2020
Many Black clients are seeking therapists they trust to deal with mental health trauma since the police killing of George Floyd.
A crisis volunteer in London logs on for her shift in June. In Minnesota, just over 2% of mental health professionals are Black.
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