When it comes to chicken-processing plants, some communities see jobs where others see environmental concerns

Jun 14, 2018
A suburban community in Kansas turns away from the prospect of a chicken processing plant, while a rural town sees the possibility it would bring new jobs.
Shops and restaurants line one of Concordia’s main streets in downtown.
Brian Grimmett for Marketplace

Tariff jitters are rippling through the ag economy

Apr 5, 2018
Besides causing "extreme nervousness," the Ozark Mountain Poultry CEO says the tariff threats haven't impacted the market yet.
A potential trade war has implications for the poultry industry.

Your grocer really wants you to have chicken tonight

Jan 5, 2018
At a lot of markets, the rotisserie bird is the hottest-selling item, pun intended.
Grocers are going to some lengths to keep the price of rotisserie chickens down.
Cate Gillon/Getty Images

Buffalo Wild Wings may give Arby's owner a chicken wing dilemma

Nov 28, 2017
Demand is up, but supply is getting expensive.
Chicken wings are so popular now that wholesale prices rose almost 20 percent this year.

Move over, meat. Tyson Foods' CEO is excited about plant proteins.

Tom Hayes says the company is looking at affordable, sustainable options that consumers want.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

There's a whole lot of love for Howlin' Ray's Nashville-style hot chicken in LA

Jul 18, 2017
Copy cats are popping up, and chef Johnny Zone promotes them. "That means we're doing something right."
Photo courtesy of Howlin' Ray's

Chicken farmer ramps up biosecurity measures

Mar 8, 2017
Ed Fryar says he's 'watchful' but not worried about the recent avian flu outbreak in Tennessee.
A strain of bird flu was detected in a chicken farm in Tennessee earlier this week, causing worry over the possibility of an avian influenza outbreak.

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Wendy’s to shell out $30 million for smaller, tastier chickens

Feb 16, 2017
As Wendy’s releases its earnings, we take a look at the fast food chain’s hunt for a tastier chicken. The company is prepared to spend $30 million on smaller chickens in hopes they’ll provide more tender, less rubbery meat. Turns…

Tyson reports earnings as ag industry watches broilers, Trump threats

Feb 6, 2017
The nation’s top broiler chicken producer, Tyson Foods, reports earnings today. Analysts will be eyeing whether Tyson executives express worries about export markets. President Donald Trump has, in recent weeks, taken a combative stance toward some key trading partners, like…

Critics cluck over a benchmark for chicken prices

Nov 23, 2016
A common price index for chicken meat is raising questions.
A woman inspects frozen chicken on sale at a supermarket on 10 March 2006.