Chinese tariffs make it tough for U.S. chicken feet

May 10, 2016
Chinese barriers to U.S. poultry parts are an example of how slow the current trade process works
Chicken feet dim sum served at a Chinese restaurant.
WIkimedia Commons

Georgia eyes Cuba for expanding poultry market

Jan 27, 2016
More trade with Cuba could mean big bucks for the state’s poultry industry.
Chickens at the University of Georgia’s Poultry Research Center. 
Elly Yu

Egg prices are up, but chicken breast is not

Aug 3, 2015
Kai talks to Ed Fryar, CEO of Ozark Mountain Poultry in Rogers, Arkansas.

Can the new Colonel Sanders save KFC?

Jul 7, 2015
KFC's parent company is investing $185 million in the fast-food chain.

'Big Chicken' has Boston Market flying higher

Jun 22, 2015
CEO George Michel says the fast-casual chain is expanding.

Tyson cuts antibiotics in chickens, are hogs next?

Apr 28, 2015
Eliminating routine antibiotic use is most challenging in cattle

Trouble on the chicken farm

Apr 21, 2015
The avian flu has infected millions of hens in Iowa.

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Iowa farm the latest to suffer bird flu's toll

Apr 21, 2015
Up to about 5 million hens will have be euthanized due to the outbreak.

Why chicken wings cost more this time of year

Jan 5, 2015
With the Super Bowl and March Madness around the corner, expect to pay more.

On Turkey Day eve, have we reached peak chicken?

Nov 26, 2014
Some traders are betting that stock in American chicken producers can only go down from here.