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Many Chinese homebuyers are paying mortgages on homes they may never live in

Sep 14, 2022
With real estate firms in financial distress, thousands of people are left with unfinished condos. Some are trying to fight back.
Last year, musician Chen Peng took Marketplace to the development in Zhengzhou where he bought a two-bedroom condo. The development remains unfinished today.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

Consumers are boycotting Goya, but will it work?

Jul 10, 2020
The company makes Latinx grocery staples. Its CEO just praised President Trump. Latinx activists aren't happy.
Goya CEO Robert Unanue, left, praised Trump on Thursday, sparking a boycott of the brand.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

The anatomy of a Chinese boycott

Nov 28, 2019
When foreign companies are perceived to have crossed China’s red lines, a boycott usually follows.
Fast food chain Dicos' NBA-themed restaurant in Shanghai. Dicos was among the companies that suspended or canceled partnership with the NBA in October.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

How long can China's economic grudges last?

Nov 27, 2019
For South Korea, it’s been three years and counting, hitting industries like entertainment, travel and grocery stores.
Some South Korean businesses in China still face economic retaliation three years after South Korea signed a deal to deploy a U.S. anti-missile system on its territory.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

Why some Muslims are boycotting the hajj

Jul 18, 2019
It's the same reason Nicki Minaj pulled out of Jeddah World Fest.
The clock tower and the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia's holy Muslim city of Mecca.
Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

Advertisers back away from YouTube over comments from pedophiles

Major brands have suspended advertising on the platform due to the inadequate policing of comment sections.
Nestlé, McDonald's, Disney and other companies have put their spending on YouTube on hold.
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

How consumers hold businesses accountable

Nov 3, 2017
Boycotts and protests can have a big effect when it comes to regulating businesses.
American Airlines joins the ranks of companies faced with consumer boycotts.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

Blog: What the protest economy means to you

Feb 23, 2017
Listeners weigh in on how their businesses have been affected by the constant state of protest.
Protesters walk up Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan. 21 during the women's march on Washington, D.C., with the U.S. Capitol in the background.
Mario Tama / Getty Images

Furniture buyers may boycott famed North Carolina expo

Apr 4, 2016
The state's anti LGBT law may prompt furniture buyers to spurn High Point Market
Showplace exposition building in High Point, NC
Wikimedia Commons